Weekend Urges

Weekends!!! I love them! But boy, this where I struggle the most (even when I am not on a detox regimen)! All week, I did well.  No cravings.  No real “detox” symptoms (thankfully) other than a little weaker and less energy during workouts.  Totally prepared food wise.  Staying busy with cleaning the house and working out extra.

But on day six, which was Friday…. It was totally different.  I woke up and hit the gym for a WOD and some after class coaches’ agenda.  After that, I came home to a bare kitchen (most of the sugar detox food had been eaten).  And let’s face it, it’s TGIF!!! FRIDAY! So guess what?  The rest of the day I felt hungry.  But really, it wasn’t hunger.  It was fighting the URGE to eat or drink like I normally would on a Friday evening. Apparently my Fridays must be programmed as “free days” when it comes to my diet! LOL! I was finding that I wanted things I don’t even eat normally: like Sonic drinks, brownies, suckers, and skittles.  I also wanted a glass of wine (or two).


I ended up settling for a green apple and almond butter and that actually did the trick for me.

It’s now Saturday and I am feeling much better.  The sweet tooth is gone.  I have spent much of my day cleaning out my pantry and refrigertators.  I did some grocery shopping and have a plan for the rest of the weekend and I am working on a plan for next week.  I am also staying busy doing some much needed honey dos around the house and yard.  (Yes, I am still putting away my Christmas decor in mid-January.)

What I am getting at….is this detox this time around is much different.  I am not feeling the actual “detox symptoms” like I did last time.  I am not feeling ill, not having headaches, my workouts aren’t unbearable, and for the most part, I actually feel better than I did before the detox.  But this time around I am really noticing my BAD HABITS and TENDENCIES!!! I do little things without even noticing that it’s actually part of my routine….like opening the pantry for a quick small treat, or having a drink in the evening on the weekends just for some relax time, or a quick 5 skittles from my son’s concession stand treat.  These are all little things, but over time, they can really add up. Especially if they are daily and weekly habit or a part of my routine.

The next two weeks of this detox, I am gonna try to set myself up for more healthier habits and tendencies.


Keep Detoxing:-).