Starches or Sugars Anyone? Wine Anyone?

I am almost a week “post” my 21 Day Sugar Detox.  I am doing great and still seeing great results.  ***Can I just say, there is nothing sweeter than having people “notice” I am making progress again!!! #WIN!!! But I am not quite at my goal yet! Getting closer everyday….and plan to stay there when I get there! 🙂

This week I have stuck to my “post sugar detox plan”, meaning I added a variety of fruit (mainly berries) and allowed myself some potatoes or corn every now and then (starchy veggies I am limiting greatly but not excluding).  I have only had rice thin crackers once (at the Super Bowl party), so I am still very much considering myself as eliminating my sugar/starch intake.  With this being said, I have decided to start using Plexus Block when I have “starchy or sugary occasions”.

I am not an advocate of diet pills or fad/diet supplements.  But I do supplement where I feel and see the need (usually based on what my doctor says). However, because I struggle with self-control when it comes to my starchy/sugar carbs, I am very pleased to have this supplement to aid me in my struggle.  I haven’t been using it long, but I do love it so far. I used it over vacation to help me with my portion control…..knowing I was going to eat whatever I wanted (and whatever my mom made—cos her cooking is GOOOOOD!).  I am now using it post detox to not only aid in portion control but to help with my glucose levels.

Plexus Block was created to “block” starches/sugars from changing over to glucose in the body. Why is this a big deal? Because glucose is one of the leading contributors to our overall health.   After reading Grain Brain, I have learned that our brains operate on glucose levels. If there is a steady blood sugar (glucose) level feeding our brains, we will experience an enhances state of mind and body wellness.


Plexus Block is said to do these things…..

-Slows conversion of glucose to fat*

-Minimizes free radical damage/oxidative stress*

-Helps reduce glycemic index of ingested foods*

-Beneficially modulates starch and table sugar digestion/absorption*

-Inhibits enzymes that convert starches to glucose*

-Promotes healthy weight control*


The main ingredient in Block is InSea2 Brown Seaweed blend. Its a type of seaweed that  “delivers a dual mechanism of action  against digestive enzymes. It inhibits alpha-amylase (like white kidney bean extract) and alpha-glucosidase, the enzyme that converts table sugar to glucose.” What this does is protect against blood-sugar levels that are unhealthy, unstable, and can cause mood swings and weight gain. *** SIGN ME UP PLEASE!!!!

Like I said, I only take this when I take in starchy carbs (or wine).  I do feel like it helps me with portion control if I take it a half hour before these treats.  And I also know that I am still losing inches and weight while using this product.  It seems to be working well, so far, for me!

***So if you are coming off a Sugar Detox….or tend to struggle with these foods, as well….check this product out!  I have liked it enough to tell ya about it! :-).

My Supplement Choices

Some of y’all have been asking me about my supplements and what I think about Plexus.  I must admit, I was a big skeptic when it came to Plexus.  Some of it was what I was reading that people were doing and not doing (like not altering their diets) and some of it was my own lack of knowledge. I will be the first to tell you, I don’t like direct sales and am not crazy about the Plexus Facebook post that I see all day long.  But on the reverse side of that, I am sure people get sick of my crossfit and running post.  Or my kids sports post?? The reality is, our Facebook post are filled with what we are most passionate about….from religion, to politics, to family, to diets and exercise.  Facebook reflects the good in our lives!!!

In the last few months I have been getting to the bottom of WHY I struggle diet wise (and weight wise).  And after two years of running blood work and doing DNA makeup test, I have finally learned the importance of fuel (aka food) AND vitamins.  At my last consultation with my nutritionalist (after viewing my DNA/genetic review) I was asked to start taking probiotic and several additional vitamins, along with Fish Oil. **These are all suggested supplements that most doctors will suggest everyone take daily.**   I had brought some of my purchased products of Plexus with me for the nutritionalist to look at, and to my surprise, she liked what I showed her and told me to continue to take these supplements.  That’s when I got on board the Plexus train….mainly so I could get my discount for my own products!  It’s not all that expensive either when compared to the OTC products, that aren’t as good, either.

I must admit, I really think these supplements have helped me this time around with the actual “detox”.  I have felt soo much better this time around than I did the last.  And my workouts aren’t struggling like they did before when I did this detox a year ago.  Today, day #9 of the detox, I feel absolutely great.  I have control over my cravings and hunger—AND BAD HABITS.  I have a great amount of energy! I am sleeping amazingly and waking pretty easily without the “fog” I had before.  And I am doing great on my workouts!!!  HAPPY DANCE!

Some of y’all have asked about my supplements….  I take Xfactor (a multi-vitamin with aloe), ProBio (a probiotic), and the BioCleanse.  I also take Advocare NightTime Recovery on days I double workout.  And I drink Herbalife Green Tea every morning.


You can order Plexus Products directly through ….. Mandy’s Plexus Supplements

I order my Herbalife Tea off ebay and  order my Advocare from a local friend.  Contact me and I can get you hooked up for Advocare.

Plexus products that can help you with your fitness

I was the biggest Plexus skeptic until I tried some of their wellness products.  Now I am sold on three products that I believe have help me tremendously; Probio (a probotic), Xfactor (multi-vitamin), and Fast Relief (for soreness or joint pain).

I will be posting more info on these products each month.

If you are interested in ordering, please contact me or place your order online ORDER NOW!

Plexus Mandy