Fast Relief for Athletes – Finally Arrived

I have been having a terrible Achilles issue on my right foot for about 9 months.  I am not sure what brought on the issue….  Maybe too much jumping and pounding or too many running miles… or maybe even wearing the wrong shoe???  Anyhow, I had done just about everything I knew to do.  I had special massage therapy on it. I bought special Achilles wraps and compression sleeves. I have changed shoes WAY TOO MANY TIMES! I even went to the doctor to make sure there weren’t fractures or other issues going on internally. No solutions really.

I eventually began to learn that jumping rope was a big culprit of what would bring on my Achilles pain.  It seemed every time I jumped rope, it felt as if the back of my calf would snap at any given moment.  And then it would be super tight and painful for days after jump roping.  The pain was also an annoyance when running… so I have spent the last nine months not running nearly as much or as often as I used to. I took jump roping completely out of my exercise routines.  **Don’t get me wrong, I always tried to do a few, but immediately the pain would flare right back up—-FRUSTRATING!

In the last 6 months, I have just started my own little regimen.  Lots of calf stretching.  Lots of fish oil supplements (which help). More rest time in between my runs.  Lots of Epsom salt baths.  Lots of icing.  Ibuprofen. Using the rolling stick to roll out my calves. EVERYTHING!  I was accepting that this may just be an issue I deal with for the rest of my life:-(

A couple of weeks ago I decided to order “FAST RELIEF OINTMENT/GEL.”  I wanted to test the product out.  About 10 days ago, I started putting the gel on the back of my foot every evening before bed and after any time I ran.  I admit, I was reluctant on whether it would help or not.  I even remember putting it on and having some relief but it didn’t just make the pain go away all together or right away.  The pain was actually still there just a bit lessened.  I decided to keep using it regularly.  Why not?? I had the ointment and it did help “some”.

FAST FORWARD to this current week.  This week I attempted to jump rope some….only a few singles with some random double unders thrown it.  I felt good but I didn’t do many reps. The next day our WOD had double unders programmed in them.  I started out slowly with singles thinking the pain may come back.  It didn’t,  So I began doing double unders and before I knew it, I was jumping roping like a PRO again.  I was so surprised that it wasn’t hurting:-) but I also knew that I was probably going to wake up the next morning and regret trying to jump rope.  To my surprise, the next day I woke up and didn’t have any achilles pains.  In matter of fact, I have ran more this week and jumped rope several times and am feel amazing.  And I am beginning to think that it is this FAST RELIEF that is starting to heal me.  I am so excited!  I can finally get back to my normal running regimen and I can start jump roping again in my WODs instead of subbing them out! SO AWESOME!

I plan to order the FAST RELIEF capsules too.  These are supposed to heal you from the inside out:-).

If you’re interested in ordering for you aches and pains visit my site – FAST RELIEF PRODUCTS ( Where you can learn even more and order direct.