A Hot Mess

Hey! I am back—-after a very long absence to the blogger world!!  But I am gonna shoot straight with you here…. I am entering back into this blogger world as a dang hot mess!! So much “life” has been happening in and around my world.  Too much to post here today, too complicated, and even a bit too messy.

But because of “life”,  I have a lot of clean up to do with my mess…. and dang right dirty mess to clean!!!!  I have a lot of re-aligning of my priorities to do with my Faith, Family, Friends, and Fitness.

As I type…. I am actually at a friend’s lake house in East Texas on a SOLO mini vacation.  YAP!! You heard that right!?!? I am on a solo vacation for a few days (no kids, no husband, no work, just me and some quiet time).  I am here to get away from the chaos and to be able to just focus on what God wants me to focus on. And to figure out the next steps of how to make my hot mess—–into a beautiful mess!!!!


Life can get a little dirty

And because of where “life” has recently led me, I have found myself….

  1. On my knees asking God for answers to hard but real questions.
  2. Battling and conquering struggles in my marriage.
  3. Wondering what God has in store for Todd and myself career wise.
  4. Needing and desiring more time with my kids but the above things often takes away from that time.
  5. 15 lbs overweight and not feeling my usual “healthy-fun” self.

This list could be more detailed and longer, but I am don’t want to blog today about all of that.  What I do want to blog about is the fact that I am HERE!!! READY TO KICK SOME BUTT transforming my HOT MESS into a Beautiful Mess!!!

So ready or not!!! Here I come….  Time to get dirty!

I’m working on the mess now