The 21 Day Sugar Detox

A year ago I did my first challenge with my CrossFit Box.  It was the 21 Day Sugar Detox and I had amazing results!!! Not only did I have physical results, but I had learned SOOO MUCH during that 21 days.  I discovered my unhealthy habits and unhealthy eating behaviors.  I learned new recipes and how to select the healthiest foods when going out to eat (btw: you can eat healthy when eating out).  And I learned that I was a processed food junkie.

Twenty One Day Sugar

This past January, at my Crossfit box, we did a private 21  Day Sugar Detox Challenge and had huge successes!  **SO MUCH SUCCESS that I have decided to run another 21 Day Sugar Detox myself.  WHY? Because every person that did the detox had great results.  Not only did they lose weight and inches, but they regained control over their foods and eating behaviors…and the majority of the participants have continued this lifestyle. I am one of the participants.  I lost 9.5# this time during that 21days.  And am continuing to lose, weeks later. I have lost over 5inches in my waist and hips alone.

Twenty-one days after the detox, not only was I leaner and looking better, but I felt absolutely amazing. Even my hormones had leveled out and my eating behaviors were completed changed for the better!!

March 18th-April 7th I will personally be running this “challenge again”.  I am encouraging you to do this challenge with me! I will be your personal coach during the 21 days.  I will send daily emails, daily text, and will be your “go to person” for questions.  A private Facebook group will be set up for all participants to share recipes, motivation, and helpful hints. 

***Please grab a few others to do this with us….coworkers, church groups, or family/friends!  The more the merrier! You’ll be amazed at how the accountability of others will help you!!  

If you have already completed the challenge….my challenge is to do it again or even do it again at a stricter level.  There are three different detox levels.






Crossfit Level One Trainer

I am a Level 1 Certified Crossfit Instructor for Solus Crossfit in Sherman, Whitesboro, and Gunter, Texas. I would love to have you attend one of my classes each week.

I have always been active and competitive since as early as I can remember.  I was actively involved in basketball, track/crosscountry, and power tumbling as a high school athlete.  Beyond HS I played college basketball and graduated college as a Kinesiology major.  As an adult athlete, I had coached HS basketball, track and cross country and completed several endurance races (marathons and triathlons).  Crossfit became my new passion just less than 2 years ago when I learned that I could combine all the different aspects of the sports I love into one sport of Crossfit.  I just recently completed my internship at Solus and am a CL-1 Trainer.

Crossfit trainers soluscrossfit solus Gunter

CrossFit Solus is a certified CrossFit Affiliate, where the coaching, training and programming is centered on the CrossFit philosophy and methodology. That is, our focus is on workouts that are constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity and scalable to your fitness level. Constantly varied means every day you’ll tackle a new or different workout. Functional movements are the normal movements your body goes through in life like running, lifting, squatting, shoving and pulling. We want to help you find your intensity while making sure the  workouts you are doing are manageable based on your individual capabilities. Our workouts are designed to prepare you for any of life’s actual physical demands. We understand that those demands range from tasks like unloading groceries, tackling yard work, climbing stairs and chasing a young child; to enhancing performance in a job related task or a competitive sport. That’s why you’ll have workouts that involve throwing and jumping or lifting  and running. That’s also why you won’t find weight machines and sections of elliptical machines and treadmills. What you will see is space to run, jump, squat and lift. The equipment you’ll find are pull-up bars, weighted balls, kettlebells and barbells.