Tattoos and Bling

Two weeks ago I got a new tattoo and a nose ring (stud piercing).  This has been something I have wanted to do for some time now….but it was never the right time and to be completely honest, I had worried about what some would think.  But as I get older I am becoming more and more comfortable in my own skin.  I know God created me. He wonderfully created me says the Bible in Psalm 139:14, “I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, And my soul knows it very well.”  So I know that God made me and He made me uniquely.  He made me a daughter, a wife, a mother of three.  He made me short, athletic, independent and a little on the rebellious side.  He made me with certain traits and talents: like being a teacher/coach.  And He gave me a personality that I tend to show (hence, piercings and tattoos)!!!

So two weeks ago, my BFF and her husband came to visit. She and I had said for several years that we were going to get tattoos and my nose pierced together someday.  SO THAT SOME DAY CAME and WE DID!!!  I had been looking at different tattoos for years.  But just recently found a simple but bold tattoo of the word STRENGTH with a cross in the middle of it.  This tattoo stuck out to me immediately…… for many reasons.  1) It’s simple. 2) Even though it’s simple it tells a lot about who I am and what I want to represent.  3) I am physically strong (God made me that way).  4) I want and thrive to be mentally and spiritually strong  5) and most importantly I know my strength (physical, mental, and spiritual) come from Christ alone.  Two weeks later, I LOVE my new tattoo and my nose stud.  I really feel like these two things represent who I am! And I am not ashamed…..

My new permanent motivation


So why do I tell you this….. Well, I have another tattoo.  It was from 20 years ago.  I was in Junior College, playing Jr College basketball….dating a serious boyfriend at the time (not my husband now).  At the time, I was wanting to get an ankle bracelet tattoo that had his name inside of it.  But that night I had found out some bad news and we were on the beak of a terrible break up.  My friend had gotten her ankle bracelet, but I chickened out (not knowing if I would end up marrying this boy or not) and made a last minute decision to get a tattoo of WOODSTOCK (the bird) dunking a basketball.  YAP!!! That’s my tattoo….on my hip!!! FOREVER!  I didn’t marry that boy  (thank goodness I didn’t put his name on my ankle).   But the years that followed, I resented this tattoo.  I had talked about getting it removed and even having it redone into something more feminine.  I have even had my husband snap a picture of this tattoo to send to artist to see if they could recreate it into something more beautiful.  But that all changed two weeks ago after I got my NEW tattoo.  I don’t know what made it click…..but suddenly I DO NOT want to change my woodstock with a basketball tattoo.  And the reason why is because it tells a story about me.  About who I was back then….20 years ago.  A little lost.  Loving the game of basketball.  Going through a heartbreak. Making crazy tattoo decisions.  I have come along ways.


So today I have two tattoos….. One old.  One new. But I absolutely love that these tattoos tell a story about who I am!  And thankful for WHO made me who I am!!!! And Who has changed me from the inside out.

The good news about my cross, is that I KNOW that guy won’t leave me.

****As for the nose ring….its just some added sparkle to my smiling face!

mandy nose