Motivation or the Lack of….

WOW! What a week it has been here in North Texas.  For about a month or so we had some amazing, spring like weather (65-80 degree days).  But this week…winter decided to show up in North Texas.  Our schools and work week were shortened (Monday and Tuesday off, Wednesday late start time and Friday early release).  Ice storms early in the week…and snow late in the week.

I did great earlier in the week to stay on track.  Meals were planned out.  Meals were prepared.  Workout in my own home gym done, even two or three workouts a day (cos honestly, this kept me from snacking out of boredom-lol).  But where things started to go off track was later in the week… I had no time to make a run to the grocery store to prepare and plan meals before the next storm hit.

So unfortunately, our local Dollar General had some staples I could pick up (bread, milk, cereal) for the kids to have.  Of course, knowing that I was going to have several teenagers hanging out at my house, I decided to pick up chips, ice cream, and other no-good snacks for them to have.  I had NO intentions of eating these things….especially since I did well to say no to these foods earlier in the week.

So here you have it….veering off track already.  I did not prepare a shopping list. I did not make a menu for the upcoming weekend. And then, I have been religiously logging my food and watching my calories and macro count.  But guess what? My phone broke yesterday, which was my excuse to not log my food.  So…not only was I tempted, but I gave in and snacked on a few items.  I didn’t over do it, but I sure wouldn’t say I did great either. But instead of going completely off track…. I decided to limit my cheats. Instead of a big bowl of ice cream, I found the smallest bowl to eat out of.  Instead of eating out of the bag of chips, I counted the serving size and enjoyed my cheat.  All knowing I was not going to give myself permission to go completely out of control and make myself sick. And let’s be honest…I knew I was going to wake up, not feel guilty and get back at it 100%.  So with all that being said….. HOW DO YOU STAY MOTIVATED ALL THE TIME. **Well, first of all….it’s okay to veer off….but must make sure its just a veer and not completely off track.


Here’s a few tips that work for me currently….

1. I stay motivated….by following blogs, Instagram or Facebook people that I look up to.  ***I mean the people that I can relate too.  The ones that may have my same kind of lifestyle or same similar goals. Another words, I don’t get motivated by following a skinny 20 year old bikini model’s blog, as I can’t relate to those goals or lifestyle.

2. I stay motivated….by not letting a cheat or two go out of control.  This is a new thing for me to recognize.  In the past I would tend to cheat….but let myself go out of control since I felt like the cheat was a failure.  Now, I simply call it a “cheat treat”. I limit it. And I move on….quickly.

3. I stay motivated….by going super strict the days following a “cheat treat” day.  I focus on getting back on track and cleansing my body immediately after I have indulged in something I shouldn’t have.  I do this to help gain control and make sure my cravings for those foods don’t linger and cause issues. **This does not mean that I don’t eat as much.  It just means I eat nothing be fuel foods.

4. I stay motivated…by journaling either in my blog or posting on Instagram or Facebook to help hold me accountable.  I also log my food in MyFitnessPal App religiously (when my phone is working).

5. I stay motivated….by playing and channeling my thoughts elsewhere .  I go run. I play on my weights at home.  I show my kids new exercises and we play with them at home.  I break from the same old, same old….and actually play a game with them (basketball or even a board game). **This week, I had the hubby take me for a long jeep ride around town and on the backroads in the snow!!!

6.  I stay motivated….by researching new and better training and nutrition plans.  There is always more to learn and apply. **CONFESSION: Pinterest has suddenly become my new hobby this week for researching new plans and programs for my clients and myself.  VERY MOTIVATING right now for me.

7. I stay motivated…by helping others reach their goals. Whether it’s through personal training them and prepare programs for them…or helping them with supplements or even educating them on their nutrition or lack of.  I am passionate about this in my life and love helping others be able to do the same.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with lacking motivation at times…and cheating every now and then.  That’s part of this journey of health and fitness.  However, it’s how we react and bounce back from these “in a funk” times.  So don’t get down on yourself.  Don’t give up on this lifestyle.  Enjoy life! Enjoy the journey!

#Live Better  #Play Harder