REMEMBER Before Sugarless

I have completed my 21 day sugar detox and many of you have completed it or will complete it after today! AWESOMENESS!!  I am so proud of each of us! Many of us have learned so much during this process.  Just a few things to look back on in the last 21 days….. (this is mainly pertaining more to the ladies I coached and encouraged—but please read if you are interested in doing a Sugar Detox with me in the near future).


1. REMEMBER that first weekend prior to the detox…..not knowing how to read your labels.  It said 0 Sugar, but why was it illegal? ***It was those fake sugars (aka chemicals and poisons to our body).  Y’all now know how to read those labels and identify if it’s healthy or not.

2. REMEMBER when on the days 3-5 when you got on the scale and it had already moved!!!! Maybe even several pounds!

3. REMEMBER when you first thought you were hungry…but then your realized you were NOT actually hungry, you just had set yourself up for unhealthy snacking or eating habits?

4. REMEMBER when you did your first WOD or BASELINE workout.  It didn’t look or sound bad until you were actually in the middle of doing it and thought you might die? LOL

5. REMEMBER feeling sick or ill from the actual DETOX?

6. REMEMBER being post detox and feeling great!!! You looked healthier.  Your skin looked better.  You were sleeping better.  You were thinking clearer.  You felt amazing and still do!!!!!!

7.  REMEMBER when you were tempted to eat or drink something you knew you shouldn’t have and you denied yourself the treat. REMEMBER how you felt empowered by that!!!

8.  REMEMBER those yummy new dishes we learned to make and actually liked! Even if they looked a little funny…haha

9.  REMEMBER when you cheated and you literally didn’t feel good or as good as you did prior the cheat.  REMEMBER when you thought that that bad food wasn’t actually worth it anymore.

10. REMEMBER our text of encouragement to one of another!

Girls, this list could go on and on.  Look how far you have come in just 21 days of making healthier choices. My challenge is that you begin to live your life with these guidelines in place.  You are educated now and you know what leads to illness, disease, tiredness, overweight, etc….  PREVENT those things and practice what you know.

Try to follow a 80/20 rule….eating clean 80% of the time and 20% of the time you can treat yourself (remember portion control with this 20%).

Please be cautious of any foods you add back in.  Don’t add everything in at once.  Be patient and “test” the eliminated foods out.  You might be surprised that several foods might need to be taken out of your diet all together.

Again, I know this is the end of the 21 Day Sugar Detox but my challenge to you may it be the beginning of healthier lifestyle for you and your family!




***For those interested in doing a 21 Sugar Detox in the near future, please contact me.  I can privately coach you and your own group! :-). It’s super cheap and very well worth it!!  Click here  to connect with me.