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The first three weeks we will focus on detoxing our bodies of toxins and educating ourselves on the foods we usually choose.  The last three weeks we will be learning to eat balanced and correctly to achieve your weightloss and/or fitness goals.  NOTE: You will be well educated on how to read the nutrition labels and ingredients.

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The Struggle is Real

The Struggle is REAL

For the first time in almost two years, I am finally feeling like I am gaining my will power, focus, and discipline back. It has been lost for quite some time…..which for me is very much NOT like myself. I am a very driven person. So in the last two years, its been somewhat frustrating to be lacking these things. I was very much floundering! Which has led me to weight gain and lose of true fitness (amongst others things, as well).

In the last two weeks, I have been really concentrating on my own fitness and wellness! I am eating strictly from a 21 day meal plan that will help fix my metabolism and help me trim back up. I am working out a lot too. I am back to two… even sometimes, three a day workouts; Crossfit class, online workouts, and sometimes lifting or running. I am posting like a mad woman on social media, as well….because this keeps me accountable to myself and also to my private FB accountability groups.

I am 12 days in on this new program and LOVE IT (with a 5.5# weight lose so far).

But let me be honest again with yall! It hasn’t been easy! WHY???? Well, because I am fat, fit girl right now! Meaning, I am pretty fit (I can do most WODs at a pretty good pace. I can run a couple of miles without stopping. I can lift some heavy weight). BUT GOSH YALL….. I am not in the same shape I was three to four years ago, when I was crushing all my workouts. I was 15- maybe 20 lbs smaller then. I was running 20+ miles per week, crossfitting and crushing ALL the WODs. Working out was fun and somewhat easy.

Now—well, NOW it is WORK! It is work to finish a WOD…physically and especially mentally. It makes me breath heavy to lift a lot of weight several times. And running more than 2 miles straight is a huge accomplishment if I don’t stop to rest a bit.

The Struggle is REAL HUMBLING

It’s a hard reality for me to face that I have let my fitness slip again. Especially when I am a passionate coach!! Realizing that I am not living up to what I have preached the last couple of years….is humbling, to say the least.

And it is even more so humbling when I working out and not able to push myself like I used to. For instance….1) I can’t keep up. 2) Or I can’t or shouldn’t do RX because it simply might kill me! LOL! 3) Or the fact that I went hard on Monday means that the rest of the week I am gonna be sore and tired for the remainder of the week. This is all my own fault because I let me fitness slip. And because I let my fitness slip… I am now having to retrain my body, my mind, and even my competitive spirit.

So it’s been a struggle…..not only physically but especially mentally. I have had to take on a whole new mindset to get past this!!! I have to make a conscience effort in the morning to have the right attitude and work hard mentality…. My brain has to tell my heart, “I have done this before. I have been down this road of being out of shape. And it’s absolutely possible to get my fitness back. But I am gonna have to work my tail off to do it. I am gonna have to embrace the suck!!! I am gonna have to keep moving even when I don’t want to. I am gonna have to scale, if I want to move fast. I am gonna have to eat right foods to fuel myself properly if I want to perform well and lose weight. I am gonna have to say no to social drinks or cookouts that involve non-programmed foods.”


I have to change my mindset and tell my ego to stop being upset at myself, to stop frowning upon myself for not being able to kick ass at every WOD, and to not beat myself up for slowly allowing myself to fall back into these bad habits again. And instead, I have to say…..EVERY DAY… I am doing this and I am doing it well. Even if I am sore, slower than I want, or even not look the way I want. I know that I am improving myself more and more every day.

I CAN! and I WILL get my fitness back!!!!!

My Barbell Relationship

I used to have a “love” for running on a daily basis. More and more miles each day. More and more goals being met. Times achieved. Distances achieved. And loving the feeling of the “runner’s high”.  And to be totally honest, I loved that it was taking weight off of me pretty quickly too.

That was over two years ago…. before I was introduced to barbells and weights.

When I was first introduced to the barbell it was soon after a few months of doing kettlebell crossfit like classes (beginner crossfit so to say). At the time I was doing these classes, I didn’t realize it would advance me to barbell classes later on. Another words, I was clueless. I basically thought I was attending a boot camp style class cos that’s kind of what it felt like to a certain degree. Again, clueless.

I was quickly advancing in these classes, so my coach asked me to come try a barbell class. I reluctantly decline cos I didn’t want to drive to a barbell class or pay the extra fee. But a few weeks later I did try a barbell class.

I remember my first barbell class well. It was very intimidating as I went all by myself. I walked in and the sound of loud music and barbells crashing to the floor all around me. I remember immediately finding the bathroom to go for a nervous pee and for a quick prayer (this part is no lie either, I remember it that well). One class was finishing up a WOD while other people were rolling on foam rollers waiting for their own class to start. ***I didn’t even know what a foam roller was for, so that seemed awkward too. HA!

I am pretty sure that night we were working on snatches (which is one of the harder lifts). I was awkward. I required a lot of the coach’s attention (which I don’t think he was crazy about) and I left thinking…..NEVER AGAIN! —-and just for the record, I am still awkward with those snatches! LOL

But for some reason I came back. Something about having that barbell in my hands was empowering, frightening, and challenging. I LIKED THAT!!! It was soo much different than running, for sure.

This time I attended a morning class. I walked in and saw familiar faces….one being my previous coach who was working out and another that was a church friend. Our coach was a young, young girl. That day we were doing strict press maxes. I wasn’t supposed to be maxing out yet, but they allowed me to since they were closely monitoring me. That day, my second day of cross fitting, I strict pressed 100#.  I had no idea that that was pretty good. But I do remember my coaches and peers being impressed with me and telling me I was strong. Suddenly I felt intrigued and empowered by what I could possibly do with the barbell.  I hadn’t ever been considered strong either!?!?!

There was something about that barbell that was empowering….and a mystery, and a little rebellious too.

In the months to come, I learned so many new things about the barbell. I had no idea that you could do so many movements with one piece of equipment and some of them are very complex movements. From presses, to cleans, to snatches, to squats, to deadlifts…..this list can go on and on.


But fast forward to NOW…the present time. I have come to have a love-hate relationship with the barbell. I absolutely LOVE IT and can be quite good at some of it, but I am absolutely terrible at a lot of it, too!!  HA!   Each day brings on a different emotion with that barbell. Some days I feel strong, like I am making huge progress. Other days I leave feeling like a defeated crossfit joke. But there is never a time I leave and don’t come back….. because I LOVE throwing around the big weights. And let’s be real, those big weight like to throw me around too. ****That’s the point of it though.  It’s like life.  There are a lot of days we are good at life….we help others, we work hard, we study hard, we take care of our responsibilities, etc…. But there are many days in our life that just plain kick us in the bootie! Life is hard. You can feel defeated, tired, and want to quit…. BUT YOU DON’T.  You continue to live life the best way you can.

This sport is so mental. It is so challenging. And it kicks my butt time and time again. But each day…. I find myself getting better, getting stronger, and becoming a better person, athlete, and coach because of it. And recently I am learning that it’s a growth that is beyond the physical growth…. but very much mental and even spiritual.

Why Do You Need a Sugar Detox?

Our 21 Day Sugar Detox is fast approaching and I often get the question, “Why do I need to sugar detox?”.  Well, for me, having done the 21 Day Sugar Detox 3 times, I have many reasons that one can benefit from this detox.

The MAIN REASON for doing a Sugar Detox is to balance out and regulate your body….meaning balancing out your blood sugar levels.  How would you know if you have an imbalance??? ………..

1. If you have cravings for sweats, sugars, or bread products.  **This is pretty much a guaranteed sign that your blood sugar levels are out of whack.

2.  Are you feeling tired or easily exhausted….especially after eating a meal?

3.  Do you become light headed when you skip a meal?

4. Do you depend on coffee or other stimulants to get you going in the morning? Or keep you going during the day?

5. Do you struggle at losing weight or keeping weight off?

6. Are you moody?

7. Do you struggle with some of your hormonal imbalances?

These are a few signs that you may be a great candidate for the 21 Day Sugar Detox Program.  I know for me, more than half of these questions I could relate to.  But after doing this program, I am not struggling with any of these symptoms any more!!! YAE~!!!

The program is very simple.  You remove all sugar and simple carbs from your diet for 21 days and you eat only from the ALLOWED list of food provided.  There will be an AVOID LIST to follow, as well.  IT’S THAT SIMPLE!!!

But I must warn you the first week (usually 3-5 days) are the hardest because your cravings will be more pronounced.  But once you get past “the hump” the cravings will subside and the program begins to really work…and it becomes easier and easier every day.  Those days leading up to the hump day will take absolute will power.  Believe me, you can do this! I have done it and it is completely doable (and worth it).  After getting though the actual detox, you will begin to notice a lot of the positive side effects that I am going to list below (example: better focus, better sleep, weight lose, etc), which makes this program exciting to be on because you see immediate results.  Check out the list below I am providing of the positives you may notice during and after the detox.

Most Commonly Reported positive Effects DURING and AFTER The Detox:

Fat loss
Less bloating
Clearer skin
Less craving for sugar / food
Increased sense of taste (healthy food starts tasting better)
Increased energy
More consistent energy
More regular bowel movements
Increased sense of wellbeing
Elevated mood/less depression
Lower cholesterol
Better sleep

You need to give this a try.  It will truly provide you will great results and education that you can use everyday to live a better and healthier life!

Custom Sugar Detox


Fast Relief for Athletes – Finally Arrived

I have been having a terrible Achilles issue on my right foot for about 9 months.  I am not sure what brought on the issue….  Maybe too much jumping and pounding or too many running miles… or maybe even wearing the wrong shoe???  Anyhow, I had done just about everything I knew to do.  I had special massage therapy on it. I bought special Achilles wraps and compression sleeves. I have changed shoes WAY TOO MANY TIMES! I even went to the doctor to make sure there weren’t fractures or other issues going on internally. No solutions really.

I eventually began to learn that jumping rope was a big culprit of what would bring on my Achilles pain.  It seemed every time I jumped rope, it felt as if the back of my calf would snap at any given moment.  And then it would be super tight and painful for days after jump roping.  The pain was also an annoyance when running… so I have spent the last nine months not running nearly as much or as often as I used to. I took jump roping completely out of my exercise routines.  **Don’t get me wrong, I always tried to do a few, but immediately the pain would flare right back up—-FRUSTRATING!

In the last 6 months, I have just started my own little regimen.  Lots of calf stretching.  Lots of fish oil supplements (which help). More rest time in between my runs.  Lots of Epsom salt baths.  Lots of icing.  Ibuprofen. Using the rolling stick to roll out my calves. EVERYTHING!  I was accepting that this may just be an issue I deal with for the rest of my life:-(

A couple of weeks ago I decided to order “FAST RELIEF OINTMENT/GEL.”  I wanted to test the product out.  About 10 days ago, I started putting the gel on the back of my foot every evening before bed and after any time I ran.  I admit, I was reluctant on whether it would help or not.  I even remember putting it on and having some relief but it didn’t just make the pain go away all together or right away.  The pain was actually still there just a bit lessened.  I decided to keep using it regularly.  Why not?? I had the ointment and it did help “some”.

FAST FORWARD to this current week.  This week I attempted to jump rope some….only a few singles with some random double unders thrown it.  I felt good but I didn’t do many reps. The next day our WOD had double unders programmed in them.  I started out slowly with singles thinking the pain may come back.  It didn’t,  So I began doing double unders and before I knew it, I was jumping roping like a PRO again.  I was so surprised that it wasn’t hurting:-) but I also knew that I was probably going to wake up the next morning and regret trying to jump rope.  To my surprise, the next day I woke up and didn’t have any achilles pains.  In matter of fact, I have ran more this week and jumped rope several times and am feel amazing.  And I am beginning to think that it is this FAST RELIEF that is starting to heal me.  I am so excited!  I can finally get back to my normal running regimen and I can start jump roping again in my WODs instead of subbing them out! SO AWESOME!

I plan to order the FAST RELIEF capsules too.  These are supposed to heal you from the inside out:-).

If you’re interested in ordering for you aches and pains visit my site – FAST RELIEF PRODUCTS (www.thinwife.com) Where you can learn even more and order direct.