Dare You to Check the Scale

Detox Day #3

I have been sugar free since Saturday night.  I weighed myself Saturday morning.  The number was not shocking at all, but rather the reflection of that fact that eating BAD FOODS off and on for a couple of months does catch up to you.  If you know me or have followed me much on my recent blog, you would know that I have gotten away from using the scale number to dictate my success as an athlete or regarding my health.  I rather prefer judging my health on how I preform and how my clothes fit.  However, I know we are all women they just can’t deny that number on that scale.  **DETOXERS**Here is the deal though:  DO IT! GET ON THE SCALE!  WRITE DOWN THAT NUMBER!   I, actually, hope you did that already.  Even better, get your measurements done, too.  (I can do these if you need any help).  But do it NOW!!!


Because you will be shocked at how much that scale and those measurements will move.  Our bodies are INFLAMMED by these processed foods we intaking on a daily basis.  It’s not just the sugar….but the added preservatives, the gluten, the sugar substitutes, the flavoring, the corn syrup, etc.  A lot of these chemicals we are putting in our bodies are causing such bad inflammation which is WEIGHT GAIN!!!!  What is even more scarey is how these chemicals can also affect our brains (which is another post that I will save for later), our guts and our output (exercise or energy levels).

I have lost 4.2# already and I am not even done with day 3!!!  No, this weight isn’t real fat YET….but more of the reducing inflammation.  But I can already feel and see the difference in my face and in my stomach area.  The bloat is slowly leaving again.  HOORAY!!!!


NOTE: Everyone’s numbers will vary depending on what their previous diets consist of and need to rid of.  But note this, you are doing your body a huge favor and it WILL REFLECT on your numbers!


2 Days into Detox

I am two days in and feeling pretty darn good so far.  My WOD (the crossfit word for “workout of the day”) was a gaser. Not sure if it was a gaser due to the programming or if being 36 hours into the the detox is already taking an effect.  Or perhaps it was BOTH?!?!?! 🙂

I did, however, find myself going to the pantry often to just grab ‘something’. This is totally a bad habit that has apparently come back.  Luckily, nothing is in there that I want…..at least not yet!! HA!

What does my diet look like so far….

PreWorkout: A slice of Canadian Bacon, ⅓  green banana, and 3 almonds

Post Workout: **This was more like lunch as it was later today than normal** ⅓ banana, 6 baby carrots with 1 tbs of crab dip, chicken breast pieces.

Late Lunch: Mixed Green Salad with turkey pieces

Late Afternoon: Homemade Veggie Juice with some pistachios

Dinner: Chicken Breast with Green Beans

I am also drinking lots of Herbalife Green Tea before 2pm and taking Probiotics, BioCleanse, and Xfactor from Plexus.  And if I double workout I will take NightTime Recovery from Advocare.  ***Yap, my supplements are all over the place, but that’s what works for me!!! :-).
The key to not fading too much from this detox is to be sure you still get your calories in.  Don’t skip meals or snacks.  You want to ideally eat something every 3-4hours, if possible.  It helps stabilize your blood sugar levels and helps the metabolism!!!


sugar detox

The 21 Day Sugar Detox

A year ago I did my first challenge with my CrossFit Box.  It was the 21 Day Sugar Detox and I had amazing results!!! Not only did I have physical results, but I had learned SOOO MUCH during that 21 days.  I discovered my unhealthy habits and unhealthy eating behaviors.  I learned new recipes and how to select the healthiest foods when going out to eat (btw: you can eat healthy when eating out).  And I learned that I was a processed food junkie.

Twenty One Day Sugar

This past January, at my Crossfit box, we did a private 21  Day Sugar Detox Challenge and had huge successes!  **SO MUCH SUCCESS that I have decided to run another 21 Day Sugar Detox myself.  WHY? Because every person that did the detox had great results.  Not only did they lose weight and inches, but they regained control over their foods and eating behaviors…and the majority of the participants have continued this lifestyle. I am one of the participants.  I lost 9.5# this time during that 21days.  And am continuing to lose, weeks later. I have lost over 5inches in my waist and hips alone.

Twenty-one days after the detox, not only was I leaner and looking better, but I felt absolutely amazing. Even my hormones had leveled out and my eating behaviors were completed changed for the better!!

March 18th-April 7th I will personally be running this “challenge again”.  I am encouraging you to do this challenge with me! I will be your personal coach during the 21 days.  I will send daily emails, daily text, and will be your “go to person” for questions.  A private Facebook group will be set up for all participants to share recipes, motivation, and helpful hints. 

***Please grab a few others to do this with us….coworkers, church groups, or family/friends!  The more the merrier! You’ll be amazed at how the accountability of others will help you!!  

If you have already completed the challenge….my challenge is to do it again or even do it again at a stricter level.  There are three different detox levels.