Making Changes and Seeing Changes

Feeling Great again thanks to these things….

So it’s been three weeks since I began my new program!  I thought it might be time to give everyone an update on how I am doing and what I am doing.  First of all, I am very happy with my progress, not only physically but mentally too!  I’m not only see inches and pounds coming off, but I feel so much more in control over my food behaviors and choices.  I am no longer “craving” those bad foods and seldom do I actually want them.  I have will power and discipline again! And because I do, I feel so EMPOWERED!  It’s an amazing feeling!!!

I haven’t felt this good in so long!  I am so in the ZONE and determined to continue.

So what have I been doing?  I have been following a strict meal plan.  I ate exactly what the meal plan called for except if I were out.  When I was out, I ate like kinds of foods (usually chicken salads).  The first week of the program I ate very clean and very balanced meals.  The second week I cut some selected starchy carbs out….still had some but only what the program suggested.  The last week the carbs were cut almost completely out. I lost 8.2# and 4 inches totally (mainly from waist and chest) during those three weeks.

Clean Eating Works. Trust me

Workout Wise?  I did a variety of things…..   I am kind of playing around with keeping my daily workouts very unroutined, because I think my body adapts to the exercise regimen and then gets used to it.  So I would do at least two workouts a day…… all in the choices of crossfit classes, lifting, running and/or online shift shop programs from beachbody.  I would workout in the mornings and evenings.  Mornings were crossfit and/or lifting.  While evenings were shift shop or running. **Let me add, I am not going “all out” at my workouts either.  I am just moving and moving well.

I also have put Shakeology back into my daily routine!  I absolutely love it…..(SHAKEOLOGY).  I have always had success from supplementing #shakeology into my diet.  I don’t like too many veggies….this supplement makes me feel better about my picky taste buds.  LOL.  And let’s just be honest! It’s super convenient and tasty.  So it’s #win all the way around.

Shakeology is working and I can tell

I haven’t felt this good in so long!  I am so in the ZONE and determined to continue.

In the next month I am going to continue my meal planning and carb cut.  I am following my very own 21 Day Sugar Detox again….but I am doing it for a full month because I have a private group following and being trained under me next week.  I have this program down to the T.  I have made some adjustments to it to make it very much doable (customized it) ** If you are interested in this private online training with me, please contact me!  I’d love to help you!  You’ll learn to so much…… (nutrition label reading, why is carb cutting a big deal, what is ketosis, what you body needs, etc).   Click here to join us.  I PROMISE YOU CAN DO THIS AND WON’T REGRET IT!

Why Do You Need a Sugar Detox?

Our 21 Day Sugar Detox is fast approaching and I often get the question, “Why do I need to sugar detox?”.  Well, for me, having done the 21 Day Sugar Detox 3 times, I have many reasons that one can benefit from this detox.

The MAIN REASON for doing a Sugar Detox is to balance out and regulate your body….meaning balancing out your blood sugar levels.  How would you know if you have an imbalance??? ………..

1. If you have cravings for sweats, sugars, or bread products.  **This is pretty much a guaranteed sign that your blood sugar levels are out of whack.

2.  Are you feeling tired or easily exhausted….especially after eating a meal?

3.  Do you become light headed when you skip a meal?

4. Do you depend on coffee or other stimulants to get you going in the morning? Or keep you going during the day?

5. Do you struggle at losing weight or keeping weight off?

6. Are you moody?

7. Do you struggle with some of your hormonal imbalances?

These are a few signs that you may be a great candidate for the 21 Day Sugar Detox Program.  I know for me, more than half of these questions I could relate to.  But after doing this program, I am not struggling with any of these symptoms any more!!! YAE~!!!

The program is very simple.  You remove all sugar and simple carbs from your diet for 21 days and you eat only from the ALLOWED list of food provided.  There will be an AVOID LIST to follow, as well.  IT’S THAT SIMPLE!!!

But I must warn you the first week (usually 3-5 days) are the hardest because your cravings will be more pronounced.  But once you get past “the hump” the cravings will subside and the program begins to really work…and it becomes easier and easier every day.  Those days leading up to the hump day will take absolute will power.  Believe me, you can do this! I have done it and it is completely doable (and worth it).  After getting though the actual detox, you will begin to notice a lot of the positive side effects that I am going to list below (example: better focus, better sleep, weight lose, etc), which makes this program exciting to be on because you see immediate results.  Check out the list below I am providing of the positives you may notice during and after the detox.

Most Commonly Reported positive Effects DURING and AFTER The Detox:

Fat loss
Less bloating
Clearer skin
Less craving for sugar / food
Increased sense of taste (healthy food starts tasting better)
Increased energy
More consistent energy
More regular bowel movements
Increased sense of wellbeing
Elevated mood/less depression
Lower cholesterol
Better sleep

You need to give this a try.  It will truly provide you will great results and education that you can use everyday to live a better and healthier life!

Custom Sugar Detox


Motivation or the Lack of….

WOW! What a week it has been here in North Texas.  For about a month or so we had some amazing, spring like weather (65-80 degree days).  But this week…winter decided to show up in North Texas.  Our schools and work week were shortened (Monday and Tuesday off, Wednesday late start time and Friday early release).  Ice storms early in the week…and snow late in the week.

I did great earlier in the week to stay on track.  Meals were planned out.  Meals were prepared.  Workout in my own home gym done, even two or three workouts a day (cos honestly, this kept me from snacking out of boredom-lol).  But where things started to go off track was later in the week… I had no time to make a run to the grocery store to prepare and plan meals before the next storm hit.

So unfortunately, our local Dollar General had some staples I could pick up (bread, milk, cereal) for the kids to have.  Of course, knowing that I was going to have several teenagers hanging out at my house, I decided to pick up chips, ice cream, and other no-good snacks for them to have.  I had NO intentions of eating these things….especially since I did well to say no to these foods earlier in the week.

So here you have it….veering off track already.  I did not prepare a shopping list. I did not make a menu for the upcoming weekend. And then, I have been religiously logging my food and watching my calories and macro count.  But guess what? My phone broke yesterday, which was my excuse to not log my food.  So…not only was I tempted, but I gave in and snacked on a few items.  I didn’t over do it, but I sure wouldn’t say I did great either. But instead of going completely off track…. I decided to limit my cheats. Instead of a big bowl of ice cream, I found the smallest bowl to eat out of.  Instead of eating out of the bag of chips, I counted the serving size and enjoyed my cheat.  All knowing I was not going to give myself permission to go completely out of control and make myself sick. And let’s be honest…I knew I was going to wake up, not feel guilty and get back at it 100%.  So with all that being said….. HOW DO YOU STAY MOTIVATED ALL THE TIME. **Well, first of all….it’s okay to veer off….but must make sure its just a veer and not completely off track.


Here’s a few tips that work for me currently….

1. I stay motivated….by following blogs, Instagram or Facebook people that I look up to.  ***I mean the people that I can relate too.  The ones that may have my same kind of lifestyle or same similar goals. Another words, I don’t get motivated by following a skinny 20 year old bikini model’s blog, as I can’t relate to those goals or lifestyle.

2. I stay motivated….by not letting a cheat or two go out of control.  This is a new thing for me to recognize.  In the past I would tend to cheat….but let myself go out of control since I felt like the cheat was a failure.  Now, I simply call it a “cheat treat”. I limit it. And I move on….quickly.

3. I stay motivated….by going super strict the days following a “cheat treat” day.  I focus on getting back on track and cleansing my body immediately after I have indulged in something I shouldn’t have.  I do this to help gain control and make sure my cravings for those foods don’t linger and cause issues. **This does not mean that I don’t eat as much.  It just means I eat nothing be fuel foods.

4. I stay motivated…by journaling either in my blog or posting on Instagram or Facebook to help hold me accountable.  I also log my food in MyFitnessPal App religiously (when my phone is working).

5. I stay motivated….by playing and channeling my thoughts elsewhere .  I go run. I play on my weights at home.  I show my kids new exercises and we play with them at home.  I break from the same old, same old….and actually play a game with them (basketball or even a board game). **This week, I had the hubby take me for a long jeep ride around town and on the backroads in the snow!!!

6.  I stay motivated….by researching new and better training and nutrition plans.  There is always more to learn and apply. **CONFESSION: Pinterest has suddenly become my new hobby this week for researching new plans and programs for my clients and myself.  VERY MOTIVATING right now for me.

7. I stay motivated…by helping others reach their goals. Whether it’s through personal training them and prepare programs for them…or helping them with supplements or even educating them on their nutrition or lack of.  I am passionate about this in my life and love helping others be able to do the same.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with lacking motivation at times…and cheating every now and then.  That’s part of this journey of health and fitness.  However, it’s how we react and bounce back from these “in a funk” times.  So don’t get down on yourself.  Don’t give up on this lifestyle.  Enjoy life! Enjoy the journey!

#Live Better  #Play Harder



The Mind Game Never Ends

This time last year I was in a great place as far as my fitness was concerned….and I looked fit (lean and not “fluffy”).  However, the months after last Spring began another downward spiral.  Even though I had put the time in the gym….got stronger, faster, and became a better crossfit athlete, my diet slowly dwindled back to the “old normal”.  The “old normal” was eating right all week long but totally blowing it on the weekends.  Not only was I sabotaging myself with this terrible routine, but I also let my thyroid get back out of wack, which also meant the other hormones in my body were going out of wack, too.

This past January, I knew what I needed to do…which was to regulate my body again.  Clean the gut out.  To stay consistent on my thyroid meds. Put in the hard work. AND GET RID OF THE SUGAR.  I did the 21 Day Sugar Detox and with much success, I completed it.  I lost 9.5# in 21 days.  I felt better than ever. The hormones were regulated again.  The cravings for bad food were gone.    My workouts were strong with good intensity. My pants were fitting better. The “swollen” look was going away.  I could see my muscle definition coming back.

I am now approaching a full month of clean eating and sticking to a good plan that is working for me.  I am down 11#. I feel strong. And confident again.  People are seeing the changes.  And you know when someone can tell you’re putting in the work….it makes you proud!!! So you keep at it!!!

THEN—this “mind game” begins….

So let me tell you about this roller coaster week of mine that I am having with my mind and emotions….

Monday—I am killing my workouts. I feel strong. I have a lot of energy and focus.  It was a great day…. I actually over did it on Monday; Two partner WODS. Lots of muscle up attempts. With lifting and running at home later.

Tuesday- I wake up and am soo sore.  But I get in a great hard WOD…one that kind of left me a little shaky.  **This doesn’t happen often to me, but I knew it was because my body was still recovering from Monday.

Wednesday— I decided to REST but had several classes to coach.  I began a private session with a new client of mine.  The client is a beginner to CrossFit and working out, as she is 6 weeks postpartum.  I spent 1.5 hours with her in training and getting measurements and “before” pictures done.  She was wearing baggy clothes so to get a good “before” picture, I asked her to raise her shirt to reveal only her mid-section.  I demonstrated this for her so she could mimic what I was doing.

In that brief moment, this all takes place in my head as I raise my shirt to show my stomach area:  “OH GOSH—This is my bad area. I hope she doesn’t think that’s a cross fitter’s abs?”  ***The insecurity of letting some stranger see my very worst feature were quickly frightful…..  She even looks at me with a surprised looked…and I immediately want to undo what I just did! But she totally surprises me by saying “Oh my gosh! You’re so cut! You’re abs are awesome!”—– In my little head I wanted to hug the girl.  I also wanted to laugh at her for even thinking I was remotely cut….cos I am NOT cut!!! I have so far to go to be what I and many fitness professionals would call “cut”.

But then in a few shorts seconds after that I was simply reminded that I need to be proud of where I am.  I often forget that I have done some hard work.  I have made some huge improvements.  And yes, I do have some definition in my abs now due to my handwork and commitment.  This girl saw this for a brief moment and she wanted to be where I was.  And I forgot I used to be that girl, starting all over again at ground zero.  We sometimes get so caught up in trying to achieve the “next level” that we forget to enjoy the journey and milestones along the way.  This is why we often fail….because we are never satisfied or content where we are at. Then we slowly go back to the “old normal” which takes us back to starting all over again.  I know this to be a true as I can identify this behavior in myself.  It can be sabotaging our long term goals.  But even though I am not near close to the fitness goals I have for myself….and I am so much closer now than I ever was. I am going to choose to enjoy the journey! And keep kicking butt along the way :-).




Starches or Sugars Anyone? Wine Anyone?

I am almost a week “post” my 21 Day Sugar Detox.  I am doing great and still seeing great results.  ***Can I just say, there is nothing sweeter than having people “notice” I am making progress again!!! #WIN!!! But I am not quite at my goal yet! Getting closer everyday….and plan to stay there when I get there! 🙂

This week I have stuck to my “post sugar detox plan”, meaning I added a variety of fruit (mainly berries) and allowed myself some potatoes or corn every now and then (starchy veggies I am limiting greatly but not excluding).  I have only had rice thin crackers once (at the Super Bowl party), so I am still very much considering myself as eliminating my sugar/starch intake.  With this being said, I have decided to start using Plexus Block when I have “starchy or sugary occasions”.

I am not an advocate of diet pills or fad/diet supplements.  But I do supplement where I feel and see the need (usually based on what my doctor says). However, because I struggle with self-control when it comes to my starchy/sugar carbs, I am very pleased to have this supplement to aid me in my struggle.  I haven’t been using it long, but I do love it so far. I used it over vacation to help me with my portion control…..knowing I was going to eat whatever I wanted (and whatever my mom made—cos her cooking is GOOOOOD!).  I am now using it post detox to not only aid in portion control but to help with my glucose levels.

Plexus Block was created to “block” starches/sugars from changing over to glucose in the body. Why is this a big deal? Because glucose is one of the leading contributors to our overall health.   After reading Grain Brain, I have learned that our brains operate on glucose levels. If there is a steady blood sugar (glucose) level feeding our brains, we will experience an enhances state of mind and body wellness.


Plexus Block is said to do these things…..

-Slows conversion of glucose to fat*

-Minimizes free radical damage/oxidative stress*

-Helps reduce glycemic index of ingested foods*

-Beneficially modulates starch and table sugar digestion/absorption*

-Inhibits enzymes that convert starches to glucose*

-Promotes healthy weight control*


The main ingredient in Block is InSea2 Brown Seaweed blend. Its a type of seaweed that  “delivers a dual mechanism of action  against digestive enzymes. It inhibits alpha-amylase (like white kidney bean extract) and alpha-glucosidase, the enzyme that converts table sugar to glucose.” What this does is protect against blood-sugar levels that are unhealthy, unstable, and can cause mood swings and weight gain. *** SIGN ME UP PLEASE!!!!

Like I said, I only take this when I take in starchy carbs (or wine).  I do feel like it helps me with portion control if I take it a half hour before these treats.  And I also know that I am still losing inches and weight while using this product.  It seems to be working well, so far, for me!

***So if you are coming off a Sugar Detox….or tend to struggle with these foods, as well….check this product out!  I have liked it enough to tell ya about it! :-).

REMEMBER Before Sugarless

I have completed my 21 day sugar detox and many of you have completed it or will complete it after today! AWESOMENESS!!  I am so proud of each of us! Many of us have learned so much during this process.  Just a few things to look back on in the last 21 days….. (this is mainly pertaining more to the ladies I coached and encouraged—but please read if you are interested in doing a Sugar Detox with me in the near future).


1. REMEMBER that first weekend prior to the detox…..not knowing how to read your labels.  It said 0 Sugar, but why was it illegal? ***It was those fake sugars (aka chemicals and poisons to our body).  Y’all now know how to read those labels and identify if it’s healthy or not.

2. REMEMBER when on the days 3-5 when you got on the scale and it had already moved!!!! Maybe even several pounds!

3. REMEMBER when you first thought you were hungry…but then your realized you were NOT actually hungry, you just had set yourself up for unhealthy snacking or eating habits?

4. REMEMBER when you did your first WOD or BASELINE workout.  It didn’t look or sound bad until you were actually in the middle of doing it and thought you might die? LOL

5. REMEMBER feeling sick or ill from the actual DETOX?

6. REMEMBER being post detox and feeling great!!! You looked healthier.  Your skin looked better.  You were sleeping better.  You were thinking clearer.  You felt amazing and still do!!!!!!

7.  REMEMBER when you were tempted to eat or drink something you knew you shouldn’t have and you denied yourself the treat. REMEMBER how you felt empowered by that!!!

8.  REMEMBER those yummy new dishes we learned to make and actually liked! Even if they looked a little funny…haha

9.  REMEMBER when you cheated and you literally didn’t feel good or as good as you did prior the cheat.  REMEMBER when you thought that that bad food wasn’t actually worth it anymore.

10. REMEMBER our text of encouragement to one of another!

Girls, this list could go on and on.  Look how far you have come in just 21 days of making healthier choices. My challenge is that you begin to live your life with these guidelines in place.  You are educated now and you know what leads to illness, disease, tiredness, overweight, etc….  PREVENT those things and practice what you know.

Try to follow a 80/20 rule….eating clean 80% of the time and 20% of the time you can treat yourself (remember portion control with this 20%).

Please be cautious of any foods you add back in.  Don’t add everything in at once.  Be patient and “test” the eliminated foods out.  You might be surprised that several foods might need to be taken out of your diet all together.

Again, I know this is the end of the 21 Day Sugar Detox but my challenge to you may it be the beginning of healthier lifestyle for you and your family!




***For those interested in doing a 21 Sugar Detox in the near future, please contact me.  I can privately coach you and your own group! :-). It’s super cheap and very well worth it!!  Click here  to connect with me.

Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

I bet we can all agree that at one time or another, we have rolled our eyes someone at a party or table for not eating or drinking like the group was.  You know the type I am talking about; the gluten free family that can’t eat pizza at your pizza party or the friend that says no to a beer at a crawfish boil.  You know these people must feel a bit awkward or like they don’t fit in at times. OR DO THEY??

This is beginning to happen to me now….and I admit, it’s uncomfortable at times.  “No, I can’t have that drink.”  “No, I can’t eat those chips (not even one).”  “No, I can’t taste that small piece of chocolate.”  And I have turned into a high maintance customer at restaurants now, too.  You know the type, “Please cut the rice and add veggies….but please no butter.”  Of course, you feel that you have to explain yourself to the company around you, too.  And many will even question your dedication to sticking to such a crazy, strict regimen.

Last night I was with a friend of mine and we took our teenage boys to a birthday party and to dinner.  Of course, the boys wanted some greasy food after 3 hours of playing hard.  They insisted on Cane’s Chicken.  To my surprise Cane’s Chicken had no grilled options or salads. So guess what I did? I sat and ate NOTHING.  And I was ok with it.

Being on the Sugar Detox has put me back in this frame of mind of being ok with being different. Being ok with being uncomfortable when not doing what the rest of the crowd is doing. And to tell you the truth, the more you practice this, the more it becomes more comfortable.  I also have to admit, it’s very empowering to stick to the regimen even when your put in hard situations.

In less than a week, I will have completed the 21 Day Sugar Detox….but this time I am gaining a new confidence on how to continue this lifestyle.  And I plan to embrace the opportunities to be a little different!! :-).


Subscribe to my blog as I will be posting soon on “How to prepare to eat healthily when NOTHING is healthy around you.”



Sugar Facts and Truth in Labeling

If you have been doing the Sugar Detox with me or have been contemplating doing it on your own…you may be asking WHY? What’s the purpose of the Sugar Detox and why is Sugar such a “bad” thing??
Here are some facts about sugar to help support your decision in doing the detox….
A statistic relating to sugar, especially when that close to 70% of America is overweight.
1822: Americans consume 45 grams of sugar every five days, or the amount of sugar in a can of coke.
2012: Americans consume 756 grams of sugar every five days, or 130 POUNDS of sugar a year.
***I have been logging my food on MyFitnessPal and am getting around 50grams of sugar a day on a DETOX!!!!!  WOW!
 Sugar has continued to play an increasingly more prominent role in our food.  It’s not just sugary foods like candy and cookies either, but sugar has made its way into practically EVERYTHING we eat…which I am sure you are more aware of now!

Sugar is a carbohydrate.

If it ends in a “ose,” it’s gonna be a sugar. 
There are different kinds of sugar, starting with simple sugars (called monosaccarides) like glucose, fructose, and galactose. Then there are also more complex forms (called  disaccharides) like sucrose, maltose, and lactose.
*** A cheat sheet to naturally occurring sugars:
  • Let’s start with glucose: It occurs naturally in plants and fruits, and is a byproduct of photosynthesis. In our bodies glucose can be burned as energy or converted into glycogen (essentially: liver and muscle fuel). Our bodies can actually produce glucose when needed.
  • Next, fructose!  This is fruit sugar, occurring naturally in…you guessed it, fruit!  It also occurs naturally in cane sugar and honey, and is incredibly sweet.
  • Onto the more complex sugars, starting with Sucrose.  This sugar is found in the stems of sugar cane, the roots of sugar beet, and can be found naturally alongside glucose in certain fruits and other plants.
  • Last but not least, we have lactose, which is essentially milk sugar!  This is something that is created as  result of a process happening in our bodies: children possess the enzyme necessary to break down the molecule into lactose to be used by the body, while some adults don’t. These are the lactose intolerant folks.—–So, we have a few key types of sugar.  But where does sugar actually come from?  It is USUALLY created as a result of the processing of one of two types of plants: sugar beets or sugar cane.  These plants are harvested, processed, and refined to eventually resemble the white sugar you’ve come to know and love (or loathe).  This sugar has absolutely no nutritional value: it’s just pure, refined, sugar.

When you consume sugar, your body has two options on how to deal with it:

  • Burn it for energy. WEEEEE!
  • Convert to fat and store it in your fat cells.  BOOOOO!

Depending on your genetic predisposition, your body might be better equipped to process sugar as energy, or you might be more likely to store it as fat.  Think of this like you think of people with faster metabolisms vs. people with slower metabolisms.

***Problem is, there’s a LOT more room for fat storage, and a lot less room to burn the sugar as energy.

So, we have this sugar in our body and blood stream. What happens next? When your pancreas detects a rush of sugar, it releases a hormone called insulin to deal with all of that excess sugar.

Insulin helps regulate that level of sugar in our blood; the more sugar in the blood stream, the more insulin is released.  Insulin helps store all of this glucose in the liver and muscles as glycogen and in fat cells .

Now, oftentimes our body struggles to get that balance right (with us putting way too much sugar in our system very quickly). TOO much insulin is released, which ultimately results in our blood sugar dropping below normal levels.

This is called hypoglycemia, essentially a sugar crash: Our bodies respond by telling us: WE WANT SUGAR.
So we cram sugar down our throats and the process starts again (does this sound familiar to you?)
Unfortunately, the more often this process takes place (the more sugar you consume), the more severe the blood sugar spike is, and the more insulin is required. This means it becomes easier and easier to skip using sugar as energy, and go straight to extra insulin and fat storage.
How is Sugar Hidden on the Label??  (Read the label AND the ingredients.  Here is a list of words that are disguised words for sugar on your labels).
  • Agave nectar
  • Brown sugar
  • Cane crystals
  • Cane sugar
  • Corn sweetener
  • Corn syrup
  • Crystalline fructose
  • Dextrose
  • Evaporated cane juice
  • Organic evaporated cane juice
  • Fructose
  • Fruit juice concentrates
  • Glucose
  • High-fructose corn syrup
  • Honey
  • Invert sugar
  • Lactose
  • Maltose
  • Malt syrup
  • Molasses
  • Raw sugar
  • Sucrose
  • Sugar
  • Syrup

Why do they change the name of sugar?  Because nutritional labels are required by law to list their most prominent ingredients first. By putting two or three different types of sugar in the food (and calling them each a different name), they can spread out the sugar across three ingredients and have it show up much further down the list!  Tricky tricky tricky!


Forward this to any friends “wondering why you have been so picky at the table for 21 days.” 😉
***These are just a few facts that I think will help you be able to support your decision for do the 21 Day Sugar Detox. And also help you choose and healthier diet for you and your family!! 

My Supplement Choices

Some of y’all have been asking me about my supplements and what I think about Plexus.  I must admit, I was a big skeptic when it came to Plexus.  Some of it was what I was reading that people were doing and not doing (like not altering their diets) and some of it was my own lack of knowledge. I will be the first to tell you, I don’t like direct sales and am not crazy about the Plexus Facebook post that I see all day long.  But on the reverse side of that, I am sure people get sick of my crossfit and running post.  Or my kids sports post?? The reality is, our Facebook post are filled with what we are most passionate about….from religion, to politics, to family, to diets and exercise.  Facebook reflects the good in our lives!!!

In the last few months I have been getting to the bottom of WHY I struggle diet wise (and weight wise).  And after two years of running blood work and doing DNA makeup test, I have finally learned the importance of fuel (aka food) AND vitamins.  At my last consultation with my nutritionalist (after viewing my DNA/genetic review) I was asked to start taking probiotic and several additional vitamins, along with Fish Oil. **These are all suggested supplements that most doctors will suggest everyone take daily.**   I had brought some of my purchased products of Plexus with me for the nutritionalist to look at, and to my surprise, she liked what I showed her and told me to continue to take these supplements.  That’s when I got on board the Plexus train….mainly so I could get my discount for my own products!  It’s not all that expensive either when compared to the OTC products, that aren’t as good, either.

I must admit, I really think these supplements have helped me this time around with the actual “detox”.  I have felt soo much better this time around than I did the last.  And my workouts aren’t struggling like they did before when I did this detox a year ago.  Today, day #9 of the detox, I feel absolutely great.  I have control over my cravings and hunger—AND BAD HABITS.  I have a great amount of energy! I am sleeping amazingly and waking pretty easily without the “fog” I had before.  And I am doing great on my workouts!!!  HAPPY DANCE!

Some of y’all have asked about my supplements….  I take Xfactor (a multi-vitamin with aloe), ProBio (a probiotic), and the BioCleanse.  I also take Advocare NightTime Recovery on days I double workout.  And I drink Herbalife Green Tea every morning.


You can order Plexus Products directly through ….. Mandy’s Plexus Supplements

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Weekend Urges

Weekends!!! I love them! But boy, this where I struggle the most (even when I am not on a detox regimen)! All week, I did well.  No cravings.  No real “detox” symptoms (thankfully) other than a little weaker and less energy during workouts.  Totally prepared food wise.  Staying busy with cleaning the house and working out extra.

But on day six, which was Friday…. It was totally different.  I woke up and hit the gym for a WOD and some after class coaches’ agenda.  After that, I came home to a bare kitchen (most of the sugar detox food had been eaten).  And let’s face it, it’s TGIF!!! FRIDAY! So guess what?  The rest of the day I felt hungry.  But really, it wasn’t hunger.  It was fighting the URGE to eat or drink like I normally would on a Friday evening. Apparently my Fridays must be programmed as “free days” when it comes to my diet! LOL! I was finding that I wanted things I don’t even eat normally: like Sonic drinks, brownies, suckers, and skittles.  I also wanted a glass of wine (or two).


I ended up settling for a green apple and almond butter and that actually did the trick for me.

It’s now Saturday and I am feeling much better.  The sweet tooth is gone.  I have spent much of my day cleaning out my pantry and refrigertators.  I did some grocery shopping and have a plan for the rest of the weekend and I am working on a plan for next week.  I am also staying busy doing some much needed honey dos around the house and yard.  (Yes, I am still putting away my Christmas decor in mid-January.)

What I am getting at….is this detox this time around is much different.  I am not feeling the actual “detox symptoms” like I did last time.  I am not feeling ill, not having headaches, my workouts aren’t unbearable, and for the most part, I actually feel better than I did before the detox.  But this time around I am really noticing my BAD HABITS and TENDENCIES!!! I do little things without even noticing that it’s actually part of my routine….like opening the pantry for a quick small treat, or having a drink in the evening on the weekends just for some relax time, or a quick 5 skittles from my son’s concession stand treat.  These are all little things, but over time, they can really add up. Especially if they are daily and weekly habit or a part of my routine.

The next two weeks of this detox, I am gonna try to set myself up for more healthier habits and tendencies.


Keep Detoxing:-).