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About MandyFit

I created MandyFit to encourage people to think fit, live fit and be fit and to watch my journey of balancing family and fitness. My goal is to encourage, motivate and inspire you to achieve whatever goals you may have while offering advice, examples, tools, and accountability to help you.

About Me

Mandy Turner lives in North Texas and spends her week being the mom to her family of 5.  She coaches, runs, and Crossfits while staying active in her family's lives.

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My active family

My Biography

I am an active mom, loyal wife, Crossfit trainer, and am passionately dedicated to my health… my family’s and “yours.”

- Independent Team Beachbody Coach
- Certified Crossfit Level 1Trainer
- Bootcamp Instructor
- Private Trainer

I have always loved athletics but like many people, when I left college and started a family, my health became less of a priority and my “free time” became scarce.

One day I made a simple decision… find the time to focus on my health… and see what happens.

Am I ever so glad I did. I am enjoying life and found a hobby that is a lifestyle, not just an “hour escape” a few times a week. I feel GREAT.

I am a multi-sport athlete who loves to challenge my body and mind with new activities. From high school till now I have enjoyed basketball, track, softball, golf, cross country running, a marathon, triathlon, Crossfit, Olympic weight-lifting, sking, and hiking.

I love this lifestyle that allows me to stay active, enjoy the outdoors, spend quality time with my family, to help others wanting to improve the way the look and the way they feel.

It wasn’t a short road. I tried it all. Eating less, working out more, this pill, that supplement. I ran, ran some more. I cut out carbs. I took extra protein. I lost some weight. I gained some weight.

Then I decided… health is THE goal. Not a number on the scale. Not a certain look I will NEVER be tall and thin. I am making the body God gave me look and perform its best.


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I am passionate to help people shorten their journey by eliminating the fads, the quick-fix yo-yo diets, the gimmicks.  By setting achievable goals and encouraging them while they “pursue their path.”

I am not loyal to brands, just solid products that help your body prepare and recover from an active lifestyle.

I know you can be next. I did all of the testing on myself, and then my friends and family… and now its your turn.  Contact me for help with supplements or for a workout/activity plan customized for YOU!


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