21 Day Nutrition Challenge

Tired of sugar and carb cravings ruling your life? Tired of yo-yo diets? Tired of fast foods ruling your taste buds?

Looking for a real, whole foods based plan that will not only help you end cravings, but also EDUCATE you on a new, healthier way of eating that’s delicious, sustainable, and easy to follow.

My Custom 21-Day Nutrition Challenge is a clear-cut, effective, whole-foods-based nutrition action plan that will reset your body’s metabolism and your habits!

My name is Mandy Turner and I have become a “Sugar Detox Expert.” I didn’t set out for this title. I, too, was looking to end my yo-yo dieting and cravings. I was working out way too hard to not see results based on my eating habits.

Custom 21 day Sugar Detox

Custom Sugar Detox Meal Planner

I saw great results after my 1st sugar detox but as I began to customize my sugar detox meal plans, I saw even better results. It wasn’t long before friends and family started asking me for assistance with their sugar cravings.

I now have my very own custom 21 day Nutrition Challenge plan and can help coach you to a sugar detox plan that will kick start your own new, healthier lifestyle of less sugar and more healthy, nutritional foods.

I quickly grew tired of the cookie-cutter PDFs of sugar detox downloads. So I research, tested, and customized sugar detox meal plans and created a program that is simple, easy to follow or adjust, and truly WORKS! I even offer the option of adding Shakeology to the meal plan after the first week of detox.

I have helped men and women of various ages through my online classes and accountability groups and I want to help you too!

Things you will get by joining my next 21-Day Nutrition Challenge Group

  • Shopping List for Meal Plans (with customization options based on food dislikes)
  • Guidance to purchasing and using various fats and oils
  • Guidance to eating out
  • Basic sugar detox Meal Plans (21 day and lifestyle)
  • Explanation and suggested customizing of sugarless meal plan
  • Sugar and Sugar Acronym education and nutrition label reading training
  • Alcohol Drinks Guide and Education
  • Suggestion of Dense Food Supplements (Shakeology) to Keep Sugar Cravings Away
  • Entry into our 21 day Facebook Accountability group
  • Me, your Sugar Detox Expert. Available for questions and education… and support.

This is a 21 day plan to help you bust sugar cravings naturally. The goal of our 21 day detox is to eliminate sugars from your diet and change your taste buds to crave less sugar.  Sweets are eliminated for the 21 days as well as so called “health foods” like sugary cereals, breads, meal replacement bars, and other foods that contain added sugars. When you eat less sugar, you crave less sugar.

I will teach you more about “Yes” foods,  “No” foods, and “Limit” foods. I also will give you options to switch out foods you just don’t like on traditional sugar detox meal plans.

“I have gained so much from this experience. I learned how strong I am. I learned how to cook healthy for me and my family. I learned how to lose weight the healthy way. 9 lbs far. I plan to continue this journey of my life and get to my goal weight. Thx for all the support.” – Online Member

Custom Sugar Detox Group Plan

You can do this… and get started for only $40.

How this works:

  1. Pay $40 and secure your spot (see below)
  2. Email Mandy@MandyFit.com. Tell me your Facebook Name and brief health/nutrition goals.
  3. You will receive confirmation of acceptance.
  4. You will be entered into a private Facebook group
  5. You will receive detailed instructions of next start date (Generally 1st of each month)
  6. You will receive a detailed list of items you can choose to purchase/use prior to your detox.
  7. All content, documents, images, training will be within the Facebook Group
  8. Check in daily to have fun, learn, and start hating sugar. 🙂

Just sign up to start your Custom Sugar Detox program and you will be entered into our next class.

[September 2017 Class will begin September 4th, after the holiday weekend. You’re Welcome!!! September 1st will be prep weekend and I will post prep information for you.]

Join today. Space is always limited.

Pay $40 via Venmo or Paypal to hold your spot.  (paying the $40 payment will hold your spot. Space is limited.)

If Venmo Username: @MandyFit

If Paypal  Username: mandyturnerfit@gmail.com


Sugar Detox Testimonials:

Yesterday the scale said 182.6.. this morning it said 181.4… When we started I was 187.2. The effects are still lasting. I have opted to count my macros with adjustments and try to only keep in natural sugars. I don’t think I’d be where I am today without this group

“This was such a hardcore way to kick my butt into gear as far as dealing with my nasty diet. I’m so grateful that we did this as a team. I am not sure I would have really given it 100%. I really learned a lot of self discipline during this 21 days. I have introduced new foods to my family and that is a victory.”

“Coach Mandy Lewis Turner and all of you guys in this group, thank you for advice, support, inspiring and funny posts!”