Motivation or the Lack of….

WOW! What a week it has been here in North Texas.  For about a month or so we had some amazing, spring like weather (65-80 degree days).  But this week…winter decided to show up in North Texas.  Our schools and work week were shortened (Monday and Tuesday off, Wednesday late start time and Friday early release).  Ice storms early in the week…and snow late in the week.

I did great earlier in the week to stay on track.  Meals were planned out.  Meals were prepared.  Workout in my own home gym done, even two or three workouts a day (cos honestly, this kept me from snacking out of boredom-lol).  But where things started to go off track was later in the week… I had no time to make a run to the grocery store to prepare and plan meals before the next storm hit.

So unfortunately, our local Dollar General had some staples I could pick up (bread, milk, cereal) for the kids to have.  Of course, knowing that I was going to have several teenagers hanging out at my house, I decided to pick up chips, ice cream, and other no-good snacks for them to have.  I had NO intentions of eating these things….especially since I did well to say no to these foods earlier in the week.

So here you have it….veering off track already.  I did not prepare a shopping list. I did not make a menu for the upcoming weekend. And then, I have been religiously logging my food and watching my calories and macro count.  But guess what? My phone broke yesterday, which was my excuse to not log my food.  So…not only was I tempted, but I gave in and snacked on a few items.  I didn’t over do it, but I sure wouldn’t say I did great either. But instead of going completely off track…. I decided to limit my cheats. Instead of a big bowl of ice cream, I found the smallest bowl to eat out of.  Instead of eating out of the bag of chips, I counted the serving size and enjoyed my cheat.  All knowing I was not going to give myself permission to go completely out of control and make myself sick. And let’s be honest…I knew I was going to wake up, not feel guilty and get back at it 100%.  So with all that being said….. HOW DO YOU STAY MOTIVATED ALL THE TIME. **Well, first of all….it’s okay to veer off….but must make sure its just a veer and not completely off track.


Here’s a few tips that work for me currently….

1. I stay motivated….by following blogs, Instagram or Facebook people that I look up to.  ***I mean the people that I can relate too.  The ones that may have my same kind of lifestyle or same similar goals. Another words, I don’t get motivated by following a skinny 20 year old bikini model’s blog, as I can’t relate to those goals or lifestyle.

2. I stay motivated….by not letting a cheat or two go out of control.  This is a new thing for me to recognize.  In the past I would tend to cheat….but let myself go out of control since I felt like the cheat was a failure.  Now, I simply call it a “cheat treat”. I limit it. And I move on….quickly.

3. I stay motivated….by going super strict the days following a “cheat treat” day.  I focus on getting back on track and cleansing my body immediately after I have indulged in something I shouldn’t have.  I do this to help gain control and make sure my cravings for those foods don’t linger and cause issues. **This does not mean that I don’t eat as much.  It just means I eat nothing be fuel foods.

4. I stay motivated…by journaling either in my blog or posting on Instagram or Facebook to help hold me accountable.  I also log my food in MyFitnessPal App religiously (when my phone is working).

5. I stay motivated….by playing and channeling my thoughts elsewhere .  I go run. I play on my weights at home.  I show my kids new exercises and we play with them at home.  I break from the same old, same old….and actually play a game with them (basketball or even a board game). **This week, I had the hubby take me for a long jeep ride around town and on the backroads in the snow!!!

6.  I stay motivated….by researching new and better training and nutrition plans.  There is always more to learn and apply. **CONFESSION: Pinterest has suddenly become my new hobby this week for researching new plans and programs for my clients and myself.  VERY MOTIVATING right now for me.

7. I stay motivated…by helping others reach their goals. Whether it’s through personal training them and prepare programs for them…or helping them with supplements or even educating them on their nutrition or lack of.  I am passionate about this in my life and love helping others be able to do the same.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with lacking motivation at times…and cheating every now and then.  That’s part of this journey of health and fitness.  However, it’s how we react and bounce back from these “in a funk” times.  So don’t get down on yourself.  Don’t give up on this lifestyle.  Enjoy life! Enjoy the journey!

#Live Better  #Play Harder



HIIT Workouts and the Why Behind Them

You often see me post these workouts.  These are an example of a HIIT workout….which simply means a “High Intensity Interval Training.”  CrossFit uses HIIT as part of their programming.


Many people do not understand the why behind HIIT.  HIIT is a quick workout that you go all out (give max effort), usually with intense bursts of exercise, followed by short (sometimes active) recovery periods.

WHY is this a good thing? Because this type of training gets and keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time. This type of workout increases the body’s need for oxygen during the effort and creates an oxygen shortage, causing your body to ask for more oxygen during recovery.  Once the workout is completed you enter an Excess Post-Exercise Consumption Period (aka the after-burn) which allows the body to continue to burn more fat and calories even after the workout is complete (this is especially true when compared to aerobic activities like running).  #win

So what does this really mean!?!?!  It means that if done properly you are using the HIIT workouts to speed your metabolism rate…..which translates that you can continue to burn calories up to 48hours after you have completed the workout.  HOW COOL IS THAT???

Other “perks” to doing HIIT programs are: it’s quick and convenient.  You don’t have to spend hours in the gym or hours running to burn the calories you want.  And you can do this anywhere (hotel, home, backyard, on the beach, etc..).  You don’t have to have weights to do it, either.  *With that being said, the more you train and the more you advance, adding weight makes it that much more beneficial (more after burn of calories and builds strength, too).

However, IF you are a beginner….you do not want to immediately dive into a HIIT workout with great intensity (not yet).  Instead, all beginners must simply do the movements at their own pace but focus more on the doing the movements correctly and with the correct range of motion.  You’re still benefiting from the workout.  But know that this part takes a little practice and time.  It is very important that you do not push too hard, too fast ….as this will only lead to injuries and set backs.

For intermediate and advanced athletes: your task is to push yourself.  The more you put into the workout, the more you will get out of it.

If you are interested in learning more or starting your own personalized workout, please contact me.


The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

Since January 7th, I have not had any processed foods, no chips, no breads, no starchy carbs, and eating very clean!  I have lost 12# and have been feeling great.  I have had no desire to go back to my bad habits…….UNTIL THIS PAST WEEKEND.

I am not sure what exactly happened this past weekend!?! I had done my food prep. I haven’t been terribly hungry and haven’t felt deprived at all.  I feel great! —-BUT SOMETHING HAPPENED!

On Thursday I ate very clean, as I normally do. The typical day of having a protein shake in the morning, eating a colorful lunch (salad this day), drinking plenty of water and green tea.  I even had some amazing workouts again this week and hit two new PRs (Personal Records) on two lifts that completely make me mental and freak me out. All was going well. But Thursday night, I got home a little late and didn’t want to prepare another thing chicken or fish so I had a few gluten free (but processed) meatballs for dinner.  (This is what I had made for my kiddos).  Two hours later I felt very full and bloated.  I have felt full and bloated all weekend because of it. Which has started a bad weekend of bad choices……

Friday I hardly ate…which is just as bad for you than eating too much (but I just didn’t feel 100%). However, my husband did take me to lunch and I had fajitas (no tortillas). I DID CAVE and have 8 chips with salsa:-(  For dinner I had a lettuce wrapped burger. Not a terrible day, but definitely had my share of cheats and didn’t eat enough and not enough veggies.   But Saturday, I failed miserably.  I woke, with a little-off tummy….and decided I must have “something” clean to eat to get my day started off right.  I didn’t feel like eating but knew I needed something.  I had another Metagenics *balanced* shake with three slices of bacon. Felt ok.  I worked out at home afterwards and that seemed to help my stomach.  I had a funeral to attend two hours away.  I had already planned on stopping at Chickfila for a salad to go.  But I was traveling with my dad and was talking and missed my exit:-(  I would have normally just waited on getting a lunch later with a better choice, but knew my dad was hungry.  We ended up stopping at Wendy’s.  I made a choice to get nuggets (processed and fried). No option of fruit here and I had no veggies 🙁 Then on the way home, I stopped to get groceries for the upcoming week. Meanwhile, at home, my husband had made some green chili chicken taco fillings.  I had this for dinner, but with a half carb balanced tortilla. **I NEVER eat tortillas anymore!!?!?!  The rest of the evening I wanted and craved bad foods.  I wanted chips (thankful we had none).  I wanted candy (thankful we had none).  I wanted wine (had some). And had wafer cookies as my snack of bad choice.

So, as you can tell…this weekend hasn’t been clean or sugar free at all.  I have felt miserable too….  But even after feeling miserable, I am amazed that my body and mind still wanted more bad foods.  I know that adding some of these foods to my diet and the lack of eating enough threw off my blood sugars.  Which has in turn made me want more of the bad stuff.  It’s a terrible cycle that I can get stuck in if I don’t be careful.

My weekend was not a failure but a reminder of how I “could” fail if I don’t recognize the mistakes and what led me to them.  I must make a conscience effort to changes to recognize and learn from my mistakes this week–and avoid them the next time I am tempted.

Today I am choosing to celebrate in the fact that I can decide to rebound nicely from this and clean this diet up immediately….STARTING NOW!

Back at it 100%.


Experiencing the “High”

Have you ever experienced a “runner’s high”? Like after the very first time you ran a full mile without stopping? Or your first half or full marathon? It’s a feeling of great accomplishment.  It’s a feeling of believing in yourself, to be able to do more than you gave yourself credit for to start with.  It’s a feeling that you can’t wait to go back and do it again! Like you can’t get enough cos it’s so fun but yet fun in a challenging way.  I know I have experienced that actual “runner’s high” and something similar as an athlete in crossfit when achieving huge lifting personal record or completing a benchmark WOD (aka workout) in the fastest time out of the whole gym!  This feeling is amazing! And is probably what keeps me coming back for more!

Well today, I think I experienced the “coach’s high” 🙂  It was a great day for me to be coach and to see how far my athletes have come. Every one of my sessions went great! Everyone of my sessions had accomplishments today! And everyone left their classes feeling like they were better athletes.  As a coach, there is nothing sweeter than having athletes being proud of themselves and believing in themselves.  #WIN

I had 4 different sessions today. Not one of them was the same.  I had an early small group who did some circuit weight training. I have been working with this group since August of last year.  When we began, not a single one of the ladies could do a strict pushup (tricep pushup). This is not uncommon at all! But today, when we got to the pushup session, they went to the scaled version of pushing up.  This looked fairly easy on them so I asked the ladies to “try” a strict pushup….and guess what? They DID IT!  They did it beautifully!! YES!!! #WIN #A GOAL MET

Then in my second session I am working my husband and his buddy out of my house/home gym.  This was their third workout and today I introduced them to an actual HIIT workout (high intensity interval training).  These guys sweated their tails off and totally rocked their first HIIT workout.  As much as they hated it, they loved it too!!! #WIN

My third session is my actual crossfit foundations class (aka beginner’s class) at my gym, CrossFit Solus. This class has a great vibe to it. It’s one of my favorites!!! I have one veteran girl (I call her veteran because she started when I started coaching in August) and several newbies who have recently joined in the last month or so.  We have become like a little family!! :-). So that in itself is a lot of fun! But today not only did my veteran athlete face a fear of doing a kick handstand on the wall—unassisted.  But my newbies each got their double-unders with jump ropes.  This is a big deal for any new crossfitter.  Double-unders are jumping rope but roping twice under your feet at a time.  These are very hard to accomplish–but every athlete did one. I even had several able to cycle single, single, doubles quite well!  ## WIN

My last session with a private session at Solus.  It’s her second session with me.  She is totally new to the sport of crossfit and working out (other than doing the treadmill).  But this girl has so much heart and determination.  She is very coachable and that makes my job so much easier! I can see that she is enjoying our workouts and more than willing to be pushed.  She is taking on every challenge I give her and she is surprising herself along the way!! How fun is that to see a client completely shocked at what they are actually able to do (that they wouldn’t do without someone spotting them and coaching them along the way).  ##WIN

So today has been a good “coaching day”.  I am loving what I am doing! I am loving the relationships I am forming with all my clients (aka my friends). And it has given me great joy (or coach’s high) to see them leaving today with their very own “highs” for the week!!!




The Mind Game Never Ends

This time last year I was in a great place as far as my fitness was concerned….and I looked fit (lean and not “fluffy”).  However, the months after last Spring began another downward spiral.  Even though I had put the time in the gym….got stronger, faster, and became a better crossfit athlete, my diet slowly dwindled back to the “old normal”.  The “old normal” was eating right all week long but totally blowing it on the weekends.  Not only was I sabotaging myself with this terrible routine, but I also let my thyroid get back out of wack, which also meant the other hormones in my body were going out of wack, too.

This past January, I knew what I needed to do…which was to regulate my body again.  Clean the gut out.  To stay consistent on my thyroid meds. Put in the hard work. AND GET RID OF THE SUGAR.  I did the 21 Day Sugar Detox and with much success, I completed it.  I lost 9.5# in 21 days.  I felt better than ever. The hormones were regulated again.  The cravings for bad food were gone.    My workouts were strong with good intensity. My pants were fitting better. The “swollen” look was going away.  I could see my muscle definition coming back.

I am now approaching a full month of clean eating and sticking to a good plan that is working for me.  I am down 11#. I feel strong. And confident again.  People are seeing the changes.  And you know when someone can tell you’re putting in the work….it makes you proud!!! So you keep at it!!!

THEN—this “mind game” begins….

So let me tell you about this roller coaster week of mine that I am having with my mind and emotions….

Monday—I am killing my workouts. I feel strong. I have a lot of energy and focus.  It was a great day…. I actually over did it on Monday; Two partner WODS. Lots of muscle up attempts. With lifting and running at home later.

Tuesday- I wake up and am soo sore.  But I get in a great hard WOD…one that kind of left me a little shaky.  **This doesn’t happen often to me, but I knew it was because my body was still recovering from Monday.

Wednesday— I decided to REST but had several classes to coach.  I began a private session with a new client of mine.  The client is a beginner to CrossFit and working out, as she is 6 weeks postpartum.  I spent 1.5 hours with her in training and getting measurements and “before” pictures done.  She was wearing baggy clothes so to get a good “before” picture, I asked her to raise her shirt to reveal only her mid-section.  I demonstrated this for her so she could mimic what I was doing.

In that brief moment, this all takes place in my head as I raise my shirt to show my stomach area:  “OH GOSH—This is my bad area. I hope she doesn’t think that’s a cross fitter’s abs?”  ***The insecurity of letting some stranger see my very worst feature were quickly frightful…..  She even looks at me with a surprised looked…and I immediately want to undo what I just did! But she totally surprises me by saying “Oh my gosh! You’re so cut! You’re abs are awesome!”—– In my little head I wanted to hug the girl.  I also wanted to laugh at her for even thinking I was remotely cut….cos I am NOT cut!!! I have so far to go to be what I and many fitness professionals would call “cut”.

But then in a few shorts seconds after that I was simply reminded that I need to be proud of where I am.  I often forget that I have done some hard work.  I have made some huge improvements.  And yes, I do have some definition in my abs now due to my handwork and commitment.  This girl saw this for a brief moment and she wanted to be where I was.  And I forgot I used to be that girl, starting all over again at ground zero.  We sometimes get so caught up in trying to achieve the “next level” that we forget to enjoy the journey and milestones along the way.  This is why we often fail….because we are never satisfied or content where we are at. Then we slowly go back to the “old normal” which takes us back to starting all over again.  I know this to be a true as I can identify this behavior in myself.  It can be sabotaging our long term goals.  But even though I am not near close to the fitness goals I have for myself….and I am so much closer now than I ever was. I am going to choose to enjoy the journey! And keep kicking butt along the way :-).




Live Better. Play Harder.

Live Better. Play Harder.  This is my “tag line title” of my website/blog.  It has taken me some time to come up with this “tag line” but now that I have it, I can’t be more pleased.  I truly believe that this tag line explains what my goal is for myself but also for my clients, as well!!! #WIN #WIN


A few months ago, my husband asked me to come up with a “tag line” for my new website.  I knew at that time I wanted something that involved the word PLAY.  I am few months away from turning FORTY, but I still “playing” as if I am a kid or teen athlete.  In matter of fact…. I may play harder now than I did in the “good ole days”.  I think that why I absolutely love what I am doing now.  It’s not only CrossFit alone that has me playing (even though I truly believe CrossFit has physically and mentally prepped me and given me the courage to play more), but also in so many other aspects in my life.  Like I said, I am almost 40 years old BUT I am having the best time of my life playing!!! Whether it’s tree bashing at crazy speeds with my brother snow skiing down a mountain….Or swimming way out too far into a lake (just cos I can). Or going for a random 17 mile run around Washington DC for some sight seeing…. Or simply playing basketball in the front yard with my kids.  These are the things I LOVE doing! They give me great joy and make me love living life.  I feel most alive when I am at “play”.

But here is the truth…. I can’t play hard if I am not properly taking care of myself.  I must FUEL properly (diet wise).  I must exercise (strength, endurance, stamina, etc). I must properly rest. I must take certain supplements that my body needs extra of.  I must train my mind—become wiser.  I must train my soul–mature in my relationship with God.  I must love… family, friends, and others. All these things are a part of what I mean when I think of LIVE BETTER.  Everyday, every week, every year…. I want to be better in all these aspects of my life that are greatly important to me.

So when you see my hashtags now….. #livebetter #playharder, you will now know what I am referring too!!!


Starches or Sugars Anyone? Wine Anyone?

I am almost a week “post” my 21 Day Sugar Detox.  I am doing great and still seeing great results.  ***Can I just say, there is nothing sweeter than having people “notice” I am making progress again!!! #WIN!!! But I am not quite at my goal yet! Getting closer everyday….and plan to stay there when I get there! 🙂

This week I have stuck to my “post sugar detox plan”, meaning I added a variety of fruit (mainly berries) and allowed myself some potatoes or corn every now and then (starchy veggies I am limiting greatly but not excluding).  I have only had rice thin crackers once (at the Super Bowl party), so I am still very much considering myself as eliminating my sugar/starch intake.  With this being said, I have decided to start using Plexus Block when I have “starchy or sugary occasions”.

I am not an advocate of diet pills or fad/diet supplements.  But I do supplement where I feel and see the need (usually based on what my doctor says). However, because I struggle with self-control when it comes to my starchy/sugar carbs, I am very pleased to have this supplement to aid me in my struggle.  I haven’t been using it long, but I do love it so far. I used it over vacation to help me with my portion control…..knowing I was going to eat whatever I wanted (and whatever my mom made—cos her cooking is GOOOOOD!).  I am now using it post detox to not only aid in portion control but to help with my glucose levels.

Plexus Block was created to “block” starches/sugars from changing over to glucose in the body. Why is this a big deal? Because glucose is one of the leading contributors to our overall health.   After reading Grain Brain, I have learned that our brains operate on glucose levels. If there is a steady blood sugar (glucose) level feeding our brains, we will experience an enhances state of mind and body wellness.


Plexus Block is said to do these things…..

-Slows conversion of glucose to fat*

-Minimizes free radical damage/oxidative stress*

-Helps reduce glycemic index of ingested foods*

-Beneficially modulates starch and table sugar digestion/absorption*

-Inhibits enzymes that convert starches to glucose*

-Promotes healthy weight control*


The main ingredient in Block is InSea2 Brown Seaweed blend. Its a type of seaweed that  “delivers a dual mechanism of action  against digestive enzymes. It inhibits alpha-amylase (like white kidney bean extract) and alpha-glucosidase, the enzyme that converts table sugar to glucose.” What this does is protect against blood-sugar levels that are unhealthy, unstable, and can cause mood swings and weight gain. *** SIGN ME UP PLEASE!!!!

Like I said, I only take this when I take in starchy carbs (or wine).  I do feel like it helps me with portion control if I take it a half hour before these treats.  And I also know that I am still losing inches and weight while using this product.  It seems to be working well, so far, for me!

***So if you are coming off a Sugar Detox….or tend to struggle with these foods, as well….check this product out!  I have liked it enough to tell ya about it! :-).

Train Your Weakness *Rope Style*

One perk of being a CrossFit coach means I have the ability to look ahead into our programming to see what workouts are planned for the week.  Our athletes only know day by day.  I saw this workout posted on Sunday and immediately knew I was going to opt to do the scaled version.  Scaled in crossfit means you might sub out an advanced movement for a less advanced movement, or you may scale the amount of reps or time, etc.  Another words, it’s a way to modify the workout to fit your own abilities or needs.

The WOD (workout of the day) for today was:

Run a 800 meters

15reps-12reps-9reps-6reps-3reps of Pistols (which are one legged squats).  This could be scaled to goblet squats (which means holding the KB to do a squat)

5reps, 4 reps, 3reps, 2reps, 1 rep of rope climbing.  This could be scaled to doing 15-12-9-6-3 ring rows.

Then 100 double-unders (cycling two jumps when jump roping at a time). This could be scaled by doing 200 single jump ropes.

***The way this workout function is you run and then you alternate between doing the pistols and rope climbs reps before doing the double-unders.  Another words, you run, then do 15 pistols, then 5 rope climbs, 12 pistols, 4 rope climbs, etc….. then you finished the workout with your 100 double-unders.



Here’s the deal with rope climbs.  They are HARD! Especially after you do one or two of them.  Or at least they are for me! One reason they are hard for me is because I need to learn a better, more efficient technique that allows me to use more legs than arms.  Rope climbs need to be more leg work, than arm work.  But this is where I struggle.  I use all arm strength.  Which is why I have never done more than two full rope climbs at a time because it simply wears my arms out!

So–I saw this workout and immediately knew there was NO WAY I could do 5 rope climbs back to back…let alone, 4 more back to back later, then 3, 2, 1.  NO WAY! I have only done two back to back before.

Of course, I get there and my coach says, “Nope, your doing them.  Just take breaks in between each climb”.  I was super reluctant.  I had my mind set on ring rows (and I am sore from yesterday’s handstand pushups—–EXCUSES- HA).  I even was ok with doing one or two rope climbs at a time and then finishing off my set with doing ring rows.  But not according to my coach.  She wanted me doing them!

I gave it my very best. To my surprise, I did my first five fairly well.  This was already a win in my book. I was stragetic. I had made sure to take breaks in between each climb.  But let me tell you, the set of 4 was soo hard! I needed more than just a break.  I needed full on coaching to get me on that rope.  Then set 3—well, it became very mental!! VERY MENTAL.  My arms were on fire (especially my forearms).  I even made it half way up a couple of times and had to come down for more break time.  I got the set of 3 done.  It was ugly! It was exhausting! It took all I had.  My arms were so spent after doing 5 in a row, 4 in a row, and 3 in a row.  As bad as I wanted to continue rope climbs 2 and 1…. I knew with my arms feeling so tight and looking a little swollen, that it wasn’t worth getting injured over.

So—-today I trained one of my weakness!  I did not complete this workout with all rope climbs.  But I am by no means feeling defeated.  I feel inspired to work on this even more.  I am very proud at the fact that I did 12 out of 15 required rope climbs—when I have never done more than 2 at time before. I will now learn a better way to use less arms and learn to use more legs (or get a better foot wrap around the rope).  But today, I didn’t just train my weakness of rope climbing, but I also trained my mind.  I didn’t want to try this workout and I did.  I wanted to walk away several times because it was hard, but I kept coming back to the rope to try again.  I quit a couple of times mid-climb because it was getting hard to hold on.  But I kept coming back to the rope again to finish that set.  My last two rope climbs were as much mental as they were physical.  It was hard to hold on to that rope when my arms were DONE, but I would hold on, take a deep breath and do all I could do regrip the rope with my feet.  I finally got up those last two ropes without quit. But I finished that set—however, I did not complete the last two rounds of 2 and 1 climbs (I subbed them for ring rows).  But that’s only because I felt like my body had actually hit it’s limits.

I trained my weakness today! :-).  I became a better athlete today, as well!


REMEMBER Before Sugarless

I have completed my 21 day sugar detox and many of you have completed it or will complete it after today! AWESOMENESS!!  I am so proud of each of us! Many of us have learned so much during this process.  Just a few things to look back on in the last 21 days….. (this is mainly pertaining more to the ladies I coached and encouraged—but please read if you are interested in doing a Sugar Detox with me in the near future).


1. REMEMBER that first weekend prior to the detox…..not knowing how to read your labels.  It said 0 Sugar, but why was it illegal? ***It was those fake sugars (aka chemicals and poisons to our body).  Y’all now know how to read those labels and identify if it’s healthy or not.

2. REMEMBER when on the days 3-5 when you got on the scale and it had already moved!!!! Maybe even several pounds!

3. REMEMBER when you first thought you were hungry…but then your realized you were NOT actually hungry, you just had set yourself up for unhealthy snacking or eating habits?

4. REMEMBER when you did your first WOD or BASELINE workout.  It didn’t look or sound bad until you were actually in the middle of doing it and thought you might die? LOL

5. REMEMBER feeling sick or ill from the actual DETOX?

6. REMEMBER being post detox and feeling great!!! You looked healthier.  Your skin looked better.  You were sleeping better.  You were thinking clearer.  You felt amazing and still do!!!!!!

7.  REMEMBER when you were tempted to eat or drink something you knew you shouldn’t have and you denied yourself the treat. REMEMBER how you felt empowered by that!!!

8.  REMEMBER those yummy new dishes we learned to make and actually liked! Even if they looked a little funny…haha

9.  REMEMBER when you cheated and you literally didn’t feel good or as good as you did prior the cheat.  REMEMBER when you thought that that bad food wasn’t actually worth it anymore.

10. REMEMBER our text of encouragement to one of another!

Girls, this list could go on and on.  Look how far you have come in just 21 days of making healthier choices. My challenge is that you begin to live your life with these guidelines in place.  You are educated now and you know what leads to illness, disease, tiredness, overweight, etc….  PREVENT those things and practice what you know.

Try to follow a 80/20 rule….eating clean 80% of the time and 20% of the time you can treat yourself (remember portion control with this 20%).

Please be cautious of any foods you add back in.  Don’t add everything in at once.  Be patient and “test” the eliminated foods out.  You might be surprised that several foods might need to be taken out of your diet all together.

Again, I know this is the end of the 21 Day Sugar Detox but my challenge to you may it be the beginning of healthier lifestyle for you and your family!




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