Home Workouts (No Equipment Needed)

I often get asked for home or traveling WODs. Below I am posting several WODs that you can do at home or when traveling.  These WODs do not require equipment. However, you could easily add the kettle bell or dumbbell for an added challenge.



-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of burpees and sit-ups.
-20 walking lunges, 10 push-ups for 6 rounds.
-10 sit ups and 10 burpees for 10 rounds.
-30 Double Unders (or 100 singles) , 20 air squats for 4 rounds.
-50 sit-ups, 40 Double Unders for 3 rounds.
-100 air squats for time. Rest 1 min. 100 sit ups for time. Rest 2 min. 50 Pushups.
-15-14-13-12-11-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of burpees and sit ups.
-30 second handstand to 30 second bottom of the squat hold for 10 rounds.
-100 burpees for time.
-Handstand practice, 25 tries at free handstands, then a 1 mile run.
-Run 400 meters, 50 air squats for 4 rounds.
-50 sit-ups, 400 meter run/sprint/walk for 3 rounds.
-Run 1 mile for time. Rest 7 min. Run 1 mile for time.
-20 min Every Minute on the Minute of 10 Burpees.
-15 min As Many Rounds As Possible of 5 Pushups, 10 Air Squats, 15 Situps.
-21-15-9 Reps of Burpees, Jumping Air Squats, Pushups.


No Excuses! :-).

Fast Relief for Athletes – Finally Arrived

I have been having a terrible Achilles issue on my right foot for about 9 months.  I am not sure what brought on the issue….  Maybe too much jumping and pounding or too many running miles… or maybe even wearing the wrong shoe???  Anyhow, I had done just about everything I knew to do.  I had special massage therapy on it. I bought special Achilles wraps and compression sleeves. I have changed shoes WAY TOO MANY TIMES! I even went to the doctor to make sure there weren’t fractures or other issues going on internally. No solutions really.

I eventually began to learn that jumping rope was a big culprit of what would bring on my Achilles pain.  It seemed every time I jumped rope, it felt as if the back of my calf would snap at any given moment.  And then it would be super tight and painful for days after jump roping.  The pain was also an annoyance when running… so I have spent the last nine months not running nearly as much or as often as I used to. I took jump roping completely out of my exercise routines.  **Don’t get me wrong, I always tried to do a few, but immediately the pain would flare right back up—-FRUSTRATING!

In the last 6 months, I have just started my own little regimen.  Lots of calf stretching.  Lots of fish oil supplements (which help). More rest time in between my runs.  Lots of Epsom salt baths.  Lots of icing.  Ibuprofen. Using the rolling stick to roll out my calves. EVERYTHING!  I was accepting that this may just be an issue I deal with for the rest of my life:-(

A couple of weeks ago I decided to order “FAST RELIEF OINTMENT/GEL.”  I wanted to test the product out.  About 10 days ago, I started putting the gel on the back of my foot every evening before bed and after any time I ran.  I admit, I was reluctant on whether it would help or not.  I even remember putting it on and having some relief but it didn’t just make the pain go away all together or right away.  The pain was actually still there just a bit lessened.  I decided to keep using it regularly.  Why not?? I had the ointment and it did help “some”.

FAST FORWARD to this current week.  This week I attempted to jump rope some….only a few singles with some random double unders thrown it.  I felt good but I didn’t do many reps. The next day our WOD had double unders programmed in them.  I started out slowly with singles thinking the pain may come back.  It didn’t,  So I began doing double unders and before I knew it, I was jumping roping like a PRO again.  I was so surprised that it wasn’t hurting:-) but I also knew that I was probably going to wake up the next morning and regret trying to jump rope.  To my surprise, the next day I woke up and didn’t have any achilles pains.  In matter of fact, I have ran more this week and jumped rope several times and am feel amazing.  And I am beginning to think that it is this FAST RELIEF that is starting to heal me.  I am so excited!  I can finally get back to my normal running regimen and I can start jump roping again in my WODs instead of subbing them out! SO AWESOME!

I plan to order the FAST RELIEF capsules too.  These are supposed to heal you from the inside out:-).

If you’re interested in ordering for you aches and pains visit my site – FAST RELIEF PRODUCTS (www.thinwife.com) Where you can learn even more and order direct.


Telephone Pole Goals

It’s late January here in Texas and the weather the last couple of days feels like May.  It’s absolutely beautiful outside with plenty of sunshine.  It’s almost like a good tease to the new season that lies ahead! :-).  I don’t like to miss a good run on a pretty day.  So needless to say, I have been getting some mileage in this past week. LOVE IT!

Yesterday, as I was running, I realized something I do every time I run.  And I have been doing this since I began running over a decade ago.  I have “telephone pole goals“.  See, I live in a small town.  I actually live IN the small town, but am one block away from a road that leads me out to the “back roads” or “country roads”.  These roads have open pastures of land.  I am able to see horses, cows, creeks, hills, etc…  These roads are lined with telephone poles, too.

I am very much a goal oriented person.  I like to set small goals that lead to bigger goals….and I like to accomplish my goals, too.  Feeling successful is empowering.  In the beginning stages of my running, I started out at the track.  My first days of attempting running (after being a walker) I would run the straight-a-ways and walk the curves of the track.  This eventually moved to run half the track, walk half the track, and then walk/run laps at at time.  I quickly progressed to running 1 to 2 miles at the track at a time….but it became boring going in circles….so I began to take on the “back roads” for something different.


Now–back to why I mentioned telephone poles earlier… These telephone poles have been a big key to my running success.  These back roads are longer and more difficult terrain to exercise on.  It isn’t nearly the same as running on the track.  The roads can be uneven, there are hills to conquer, there are random cracks in the pavements you have to dodge, and of course traffic, and the occasional friendly dog that becomes your running buddy for a couple of miles.  HA!  Because these roads were lined with telephone poles, I began playing mind games with myself by setting goals to run to a certain telephone pole and then walk to another.  As I progressed in my endurance, I would extend my telephone pole goals to perhaps run to the 4th telephone pole and then walk to the next, run 4 more telephone poles, walk another, so on.  Even as a marathon runner,  I still had telephone pole goals; run to the “subdivision entrance” telephone pole, walk to the next, etc.

Yesterday it dawned on me that I am still subconsciously using these telephone poles to push me and make me go a little further.   What a great tool to have!

This is something YOU can do to.  It doesn’t have to be telephone poles either.  It can be streets, blocks, or houses if you live in a neighborhood.  It can be street lights in the city.  You can even do this with walking if your not ready to run yet.  Maybe speed walk a block, and then casually walk the next, and so on.  There is no right or wrong way to this.  The main thing is to get out in this beautiful weather and move! Set yourself these goals! And make yourself feel successful.


Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

I bet we can all agree that at one time or another, we have rolled our eyes someone at a party or table for not eating or drinking like the group was.  You know the type I am talking about; the gluten free family that can’t eat pizza at your pizza party or the friend that says no to a beer at a crawfish boil.  You know these people must feel a bit awkward or like they don’t fit in at times. OR DO THEY??

This is beginning to happen to me now….and I admit, it’s uncomfortable at times.  “No, I can’t have that drink.”  “No, I can’t eat those chips (not even one).”  “No, I can’t taste that small piece of chocolate.”  And I have turned into a high maintance customer at restaurants now, too.  You know the type, “Please cut the rice and add veggies….but please no butter.”  Of course, you feel that you have to explain yourself to the company around you, too.  And many will even question your dedication to sticking to such a crazy, strict regimen.

Last night I was with a friend of mine and we took our teenage boys to a birthday party and to dinner.  Of course, the boys wanted some greasy food after 3 hours of playing hard.  They insisted on Cane’s Chicken.  To my surprise Cane’s Chicken had no grilled options or salads. So guess what I did? I sat and ate NOTHING.  And I was ok with it.

Being on the Sugar Detox has put me back in this frame of mind of being ok with being different. Being ok with being uncomfortable when not doing what the rest of the crowd is doing. And to tell you the truth, the more you practice this, the more it becomes more comfortable.  I also have to admit, it’s very empowering to stick to the regimen even when your put in hard situations.

In less than a week, I will have completed the 21 Day Sugar Detox….but this time I am gaining a new confidence on how to continue this lifestyle.  And I plan to embrace the opportunities to be a little different!! :-).


Subscribe to my blog as I will be posting soon on “How to prepare to eat healthily when NOTHING is healthy around you.”



Sugar Facts and Truth in Labeling

If you have been doing the Sugar Detox with me or have been contemplating doing it on your own…you may be asking WHY? What’s the purpose of the Sugar Detox and why is Sugar such a “bad” thing??
Here are some facts about sugar to help support your decision in doing the detox….
A statistic relating to sugar, especially when that close to 70% of America is overweight.
1822: Americans consume 45 grams of sugar every five days, or the amount of sugar in a can of coke.
2012: Americans consume 756 grams of sugar every five days, or 130 POUNDS of sugar a year.
***I have been logging my food on MyFitnessPal and am getting around 50grams of sugar a day on a DETOX!!!!!  WOW!
 Sugar has continued to play an increasingly more prominent role in our food.  It’s not just sugary foods like candy and cookies either, but sugar has made its way into practically EVERYTHING we eat…which I am sure you are more aware of now!

Sugar is a carbohydrate.

If it ends in a “ose,” it’s gonna be a sugar. 
There are different kinds of sugar, starting with simple sugars (called monosaccarides) like glucose, fructose, and galactose. Then there are also more complex forms (called  disaccharides) like sucrose, maltose, and lactose.
*** A cheat sheet to naturally occurring sugars:
  • Let’s start with glucose: It occurs naturally in plants and fruits, and is a byproduct of photosynthesis. In our bodies glucose can be burned as energy or converted into glycogen (essentially: liver and muscle fuel). Our bodies can actually produce glucose when needed.
  • Next, fructose!  This is fruit sugar, occurring naturally in…you guessed it, fruit!  It also occurs naturally in cane sugar and honey, and is incredibly sweet.
  • Onto the more complex sugars, starting with Sucrose.  This sugar is found in the stems of sugar cane, the roots of sugar beet, and can be found naturally alongside glucose in certain fruits and other plants.
  • Last but not least, we have lactose, which is essentially milk sugar!  This is something that is created as  result of a process happening in our bodies: children possess the enzyme necessary to break down the molecule into lactose to be used by the body, while some adults don’t. These are the lactose intolerant folks.—–So, we have a few key types of sugar.  But where does sugar actually come from?  It is USUALLY created as a result of the processing of one of two types of plants: sugar beets or sugar cane.  These plants are harvested, processed, and refined to eventually resemble the white sugar you’ve come to know and love (or loathe).  This sugar has absolutely no nutritional value: it’s just pure, refined, sugar.

When you consume sugar, your body has two options on how to deal with it:

  • Burn it for energy. WEEEEE!
  • Convert to fat and store it in your fat cells.  BOOOOO!

Depending on your genetic predisposition, your body might be better equipped to process sugar as energy, or you might be more likely to store it as fat.  Think of this like you think of people with faster metabolisms vs. people with slower metabolisms.

***Problem is, there’s a LOT more room for fat storage, and a lot less room to burn the sugar as energy.

So, we have this sugar in our body and blood stream. What happens next? When your pancreas detects a rush of sugar, it releases a hormone called insulin to deal with all of that excess sugar.

Insulin helps regulate that level of sugar in our blood; the more sugar in the blood stream, the more insulin is released.  Insulin helps store all of this glucose in the liver and muscles as glycogen and in fat cells .

Now, oftentimes our body struggles to get that balance right (with us putting way too much sugar in our system very quickly). TOO much insulin is released, which ultimately results in our blood sugar dropping below normal levels.

This is called hypoglycemia, essentially a sugar crash: Our bodies respond by telling us: WE WANT SUGAR.
So we cram sugar down our throats and the process starts again (does this sound familiar to you?)
Unfortunately, the more often this process takes place (the more sugar you consume), the more severe the blood sugar spike is, and the more insulin is required. This means it becomes easier and easier to skip using sugar as energy, and go straight to extra insulin and fat storage.
How is Sugar Hidden on the Label??  (Read the label AND the ingredients.  Here is a list of words that are disguised words for sugar on your labels).
  • Agave nectar
  • Brown sugar
  • Cane crystals
  • Cane sugar
  • Corn sweetener
  • Corn syrup
  • Crystalline fructose
  • Dextrose
  • Evaporated cane juice
  • Organic evaporated cane juice
  • Fructose
  • Fruit juice concentrates
  • Glucose
  • High-fructose corn syrup
  • Honey
  • Invert sugar
  • Lactose
  • Maltose
  • Malt syrup
  • Molasses
  • Raw sugar
  • Sucrose
  • Sugar
  • Syrup

Why do they change the name of sugar?  Because nutritional labels are required by law to list their most prominent ingredients first. By putting two or three different types of sugar in the food (and calling them each a different name), they can spread out the sugar across three ingredients and have it show up much further down the list!  Tricky tricky tricky!


Forward this to any friends “wondering why you have been so picky at the table for 21 days.” 😉
***These are just a few facts that I think will help you be able to support your decision for do the 21 Day Sugar Detox. And also help you choose and healthier diet for you and your family!! 

My Supplement Choices

Some of y’all have been asking me about my supplements and what I think about Plexus.  I must admit, I was a big skeptic when it came to Plexus.  Some of it was what I was reading that people were doing and not doing (like not altering their diets) and some of it was my own lack of knowledge. I will be the first to tell you, I don’t like direct sales and am not crazy about the Plexus Facebook post that I see all day long.  But on the reverse side of that, I am sure people get sick of my crossfit and running post.  Or my kids sports post?? The reality is, our Facebook post are filled with what we are most passionate about….from religion, to politics, to family, to diets and exercise.  Facebook reflects the good in our lives!!!

In the last few months I have been getting to the bottom of WHY I struggle diet wise (and weight wise).  And after two years of running blood work and doing DNA makeup test, I have finally learned the importance of fuel (aka food) AND vitamins.  At my last consultation with my nutritionalist (after viewing my DNA/genetic review) I was asked to start taking probiotic and several additional vitamins, along with Fish Oil. **These are all suggested supplements that most doctors will suggest everyone take daily.**   I had brought some of my purchased products of Plexus with me for the nutritionalist to look at, and to my surprise, she liked what I showed her and told me to continue to take these supplements.  That’s when I got on board the Plexus train….mainly so I could get my discount for my own products!  It’s not all that expensive either when compared to the OTC products, that aren’t as good, either.

I must admit, I really think these supplements have helped me this time around with the actual “detox”.  I have felt soo much better this time around than I did the last.  And my workouts aren’t struggling like they did before when I did this detox a year ago.  Today, day #9 of the detox, I feel absolutely great.  I have control over my cravings and hunger—AND BAD HABITS.  I have a great amount of energy! I am sleeping amazingly and waking pretty easily without the “fog” I had before.  And I am doing great on my workouts!!!  HAPPY DANCE!

Some of y’all have asked about my supplements….  I take Xfactor (a multi-vitamin with aloe), ProBio (a probiotic), and the BioCleanse.  I also take Advocare NightTime Recovery on days I double workout.  And I drink Herbalife Green Tea every morning.


You can order Plexus Products directly through ….. Mandy’s Plexus Supplements

I order my Herbalife Tea off ebay and  order my Advocare from a local friend.  Contact me and I can get you hooked up for Advocare.

Weekend Urges

Weekends!!! I love them! But boy, this where I struggle the most (even when I am not on a detox regimen)! All week, I did well.  No cravings.  No real “detox” symptoms (thankfully) other than a little weaker and less energy during workouts.  Totally prepared food wise.  Staying busy with cleaning the house and working out extra.

But on day six, which was Friday…. It was totally different.  I woke up and hit the gym for a WOD and some after class coaches’ agenda.  After that, I came home to a bare kitchen (most of the sugar detox food had been eaten).  And let’s face it, it’s TGIF!!! FRIDAY! So guess what?  The rest of the day I felt hungry.  But really, it wasn’t hunger.  It was fighting the URGE to eat or drink like I normally would on a Friday evening. Apparently my Fridays must be programmed as “free days” when it comes to my diet! LOL! I was finding that I wanted things I don’t even eat normally: like Sonic drinks, brownies, suckers, and skittles.  I also wanted a glass of wine (or two).


I ended up settling for a green apple and almond butter and that actually did the trick for me.

It’s now Saturday and I am feeling much better.  The sweet tooth is gone.  I have spent much of my day cleaning out my pantry and refrigertators.  I did some grocery shopping and have a plan for the rest of the weekend and I am working on a plan for next week.  I am also staying busy doing some much needed honey dos around the house and yard.  (Yes, I am still putting away my Christmas decor in mid-January.)

What I am getting at….is this detox this time around is much different.  I am not feeling the actual “detox symptoms” like I did last time.  I am not feeling ill, not having headaches, my workouts aren’t unbearable, and for the most part, I actually feel better than I did before the detox.  But this time around I am really noticing my BAD HABITS and TENDENCIES!!! I do little things without even noticing that it’s actually part of my routine….like opening the pantry for a quick small treat, or having a drink in the evening on the weekends just for some relax time, or a quick 5 skittles from my son’s concession stand treat.  These are all little things, but over time, they can really add up. Especially if they are daily and weekly habit or a part of my routine.

The next two weeks of this detox, I am gonna try to set myself up for more healthier habits and tendencies.


Keep Detoxing:-).

Dare You to Check the Scale

Detox Day #3

I have been sugar free since Saturday night.  I weighed myself Saturday morning.  The number was not shocking at all, but rather the reflection of that fact that eating BAD FOODS off and on for a couple of months does catch up to you.  If you know me or have followed me much on my recent blog, you would know that I have gotten away from using the scale number to dictate my success as an athlete or regarding my health.  I rather prefer judging my health on how I preform and how my clothes fit.  However, I know we are all women they just can’t deny that number on that scale.  **DETOXERS**Here is the deal though:  DO IT! GET ON THE SCALE!  WRITE DOWN THAT NUMBER!   I, actually, hope you did that already.  Even better, get your measurements done, too.  (I can do these if you need any help).  But do it NOW!!!


Because you will be shocked at how much that scale and those measurements will move.  Our bodies are INFLAMMED by these processed foods we intaking on a daily basis.  It’s not just the sugar….but the added preservatives, the gluten, the sugar substitutes, the flavoring, the corn syrup, etc.  A lot of these chemicals we are putting in our bodies are causing such bad inflammation which is WEIGHT GAIN!!!!  What is even more scarey is how these chemicals can also affect our brains (which is another post that I will save for later), our guts and our output (exercise or energy levels).

I have lost 4.2# already and I am not even done with day 3!!!  No, this weight isn’t real fat YET….but more of the reducing inflammation.  But I can already feel and see the difference in my face and in my stomach area.  The bloat is slowly leaving again.  HOORAY!!!!


NOTE: Everyone’s numbers will vary depending on what their previous diets consist of and need to rid of.  But note this, you are doing your body a huge favor and it WILL REFLECT on your numbers!


2 Days into Detox

I am two days in and feeling pretty darn good so far.  My WOD (the crossfit word for “workout of the day”) was a gaser. Not sure if it was a gaser due to the programming or if being 36 hours into the the detox is already taking an effect.  Or perhaps it was BOTH?!?!?! 🙂

I did, however, find myself going to the pantry often to just grab ‘something’. This is totally a bad habit that has apparently come back.  Luckily, nothing is in there that I want…..at least not yet!! HA!

What does my diet look like so far….

PreWorkout: A slice of Canadian Bacon, ⅓  green banana, and 3 almonds

Post Workout: **This was more like lunch as it was later today than normal** ⅓ banana, 6 baby carrots with 1 tbs of crab dip, chicken breast pieces.

Late Lunch: Mixed Green Salad with turkey pieces

Late Afternoon: Homemade Veggie Juice with some pistachios

Dinner: Chicken Breast with Green Beans

I am also drinking lots of Herbalife Green Tea before 2pm and taking Probiotics, BioCleanse, and Xfactor from Plexus.  And if I double workout I will take NightTime Recovery from Advocare.  ***Yap, my supplements are all over the place, but that’s what works for me!!! :-).
The key to not fading too much from this detox is to be sure you still get your calories in.  Don’t skip meals or snacks.  You want to ideally eat something every 3-4hours, if possible.  It helps stabilize your blood sugar levels and helps the metabolism!!!


sugar detox

The 21 Day Sugar Detox

A year ago I did my first challenge with my CrossFit Box.  It was the 21 Day Sugar Detox and I had amazing results!!! Not only did I have physical results, but I had learned SOOO MUCH during that 21 days.  I discovered my unhealthy habits and unhealthy eating behaviors.  I learned new recipes and how to select the healthiest foods when going out to eat (btw: you can eat healthy when eating out).  And I learned that I was a processed food junkie.

Twenty One Day Sugar

This past January, at my Crossfit box, we did a private 21  Day Sugar Detox Challenge and had huge successes!  **SO MUCH SUCCESS that I have decided to run another 21 Day Sugar Detox myself.  WHY? Because every person that did the detox had great results.  Not only did they lose weight and inches, but they regained control over their foods and eating behaviors…and the majority of the participants have continued this lifestyle. I am one of the participants.  I lost 9.5# this time during that 21days.  And am continuing to lose, weeks later. I have lost over 5inches in my waist and hips alone.

Twenty-one days after the detox, not only was I leaner and looking better, but I felt absolutely amazing. Even my hormones had leveled out and my eating behaviors were completed changed for the better!!

March 18th-April 7th I will personally be running this “challenge again”.  I am encouraging you to do this challenge with me! I will be your personal coach during the 21 days.  I will send daily emails, daily text, and will be your “go to person” for questions.  A private Facebook group will be set up for all participants to share recipes, motivation, and helpful hints. 

***Please grab a few others to do this with us….coworkers, church groups, or family/friends!  The more the merrier! You’ll be amazed at how the accountability of others will help you!!  

If you have already completed the challenge….my challenge is to do it again or even do it again at a stricter level.  There are three different detox levels.